Agency Artist Disclosure Compilation

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Rook & Knowa Lusion – Volume 1
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Agency Artist Disclosure Compilation


Agency Artist Disclosure Compilation: 13 diverse fusions of glitch-hop, psychedelic, hip-hop, multi-tempo, & mind-boggling feels! Free download!

Agency Artist Disclosure Compilation features cutting edge underground taste through diverse electronic bass sounds stemming from the Street Ritual Agency. Spearheaded by our booking agency, the 2nd Division to the Street Ritual brand, we’re repping fresh West Coast to East Coast talent. Having signed new artists, 2015 has been an evolving journey and we want to welcome our new artists into our creative & conscious community. A fine visual collaboration of our vision is displayed as artwork, designed by Jeremy Crimboli – an ever talented graphic designer.

The compilation consists of 13 tracks by our agency artists: AfroQben, CharlestheFirst, Devin Kroes, Dov1, Duffrey, KarmasynK, Knowa Lusion, Living Light, Mihkal, Nico Luminous, Party Wave, Secret Recipe, and Sugarbeats. Revealing multi-tempo bass rhythms, authentic glitch-hop, intricate patterns, hip-hop fusions, acoustic amalgamations, melodic escapes, psychedelic grooves, soul, crescendo synth effects, alluring composition and leads, it’s an elevating journey of expansions and creativity. An overall collaborative project, we further the importance of team building and knowledge sharing.