Becca Drylie-Perkins


DRRTYWULVZ at Symbiosis Gathering

DRRTYWULVZ & The Art of Bohl have teamed up to bring us a spinet into one of the best moments this year at Symbiosis Gathering in Oakdale, CA. Take a look and listen for some of the freshest unreleased tunes of the summer!   The line-up the Spring Stage that night was second to none, and DRRTYWULVZ took the stage at 3AM following Andreilien. The vibes and the tribe was […]

Poppin John ft. Staunch & Goosebumpz’ “Putrid” (Taiwan Dance Competition)

Poppin John features and performs to Staunch & Goosebumpz’s “Putrid” , one of the 14 tracks off of one of our latest releases, Global Glitch Compilation by our very own spacegeishA!  Taking place in Taiwan, watch and listen as Poppin John flows naturally and creatively during the Ocean Battle Session vol. 9 , the YAK Battles.  Glitch Hop swerve and stylistic magic! Global Glitch is an international compilation dedicated to musicians […]