Boogie Up the Block by Suntonio Bandanaz

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Boogie Up the Block by Suntonio Bandanaz

“Boogie Up The Block”
Written by: SuntonioBandanaz™
All rights reserved
Its your mans on the street,
Put it on repeat.
Verse 1:
Already know what I’m doing in here. I’m tyring to see some bodies moving in here.
I’m the type to grab a brew and put a few in the air.
Shake that booty baby, put it in gear. Like there’s a party in your pants & they aint’ letting through air.
Exclusivity, yeah!
You a biggie shorty
You trying to get it started.
Pitty on the runny kind; I’m Pooty & I’m signing for it.
Def like Mos the beat slaps & I’m rhyming on it. Dope!
I’m dumpin’ they crumping and breaking loosing their minds.
2000Mine year of Obama’s Bandanaz time!
My ninja!…..I bang for change!
And stay shining on ’em like some candy paint.
Cause I do it like they can’t
What would ever make you think,
I could just post up and wait?
Get that feeling in your waist
I can see it in your face
Suntonio is the Mane
That gives a damn what it takes.
And I do it every day!
…And you know this man!
I’m a nerd that makes moves like the gangsters do.
So I’m going to boogie up the block I got things to do. I got a cd I’m going to slang to you!

“Boogie Up The Block”
Everywhere I go that’s where the party’s at.

Verse 2:
Now when I’m in the house, I be hallerin’ hard!…..
That’s Wasabi!!
I be doing it yall!
And they don’t want no problems with dog!
I’m about as smart as a bag of hammers!
Ill get money go dumb
like I’m a lil weezy song!
I’m spaceghost meaning;
You could never see me at all.
I got cuts like; any given scene from saw.
The day the earth stood still atomatons came from my balls
I’m a U F O G sighting
Annunaki on a microphone…
please go on.
All the baby mammas be like; “He’s soo bomb!”
Got ’em dancing to the beat till their feet swoll up. Then they’ll be like…;”Hold up,…..Wait a minute!”
It’s Bandanaz from the central district.
We do it big they do it minimalistic
Just dipping in with the homies or two steppin in the kitchen to this one, the beats and the mixing; the heat that I’m spitting….
“We’ll pump you up!”


Verse 3:
Bandanaz was rapping
& the beats stay slapping
With the B-Boys breaking
And the Fly Girls dancing
Djs cutting so the party stay crackin’ …that’s the ritual of the street tops!
Stay rapping
Beats stay slapping
B-Boys breaking
With the Fly Girls dancing
Djs cutting
And the Graff Kids tagging
And you can’t forget the beat box

Bridge pt 1:
Put it put it put on repeat;
It your mans on the street…..

Bridge pt 2:

Verse 4:
If you’re knowing the flowing is fresh; then you’re knowing I’m thowing Northwest up.
Keeping it growing and speaking the dope that’ll hit you like a chest punch!
I got you open like the jaws of life.
Just a pile of sand and water in some draws on a mic.
What are you tripping homie? You’re out of your mind!?
It’s normalized protocal,
I rip this for yall every line.
I was called in to make it happen; it’s your destiny, “Shine”.
It’s all in the grind
Street Ritual 2000&Mine
“For sheizenhaur” rhyming power I’m advanced in design.
The mission’s to keep to moving rince repoeat and rewind.
Don’t waste time, shake yo’ waste line.
“Killing verses is a village”
I go hard with the rhymes.