Noetik the Alchemist shares a deep story [ Exclusive Interview ]

Alchemical beat maker and instrumentalist, Noetik the Alchemist, is a flourishing artist currently based in the Bay Area.  Gathering his inspirations from within and throughout all his journey travels, Noetik found home through deep exploration.  Fusing mesmerizing beats with nourishing melodies through the Xiao flute and various other world instruments such as the tablas, he brings forth a culture fused deep, lush, and exotic vibes and collaboration through “Bamboo by the […]

Symbiosis Gathering 2016 Retrospective

As first timers at Symbiosis 2016, we were given a golden opportunity to experience a music festival at its peak, the prowess of a well oiled beast operating at levels just within control and meshing with the border lands weird and magical. Amongst the wide selection of summer festival experiences available in the US, Symbiosis Gathering takes the cake for the most comprehensively wild smorgasbord of festival offerings. The plethora of […]

Symbiosis Gathering – Family Tree – Furthering Cultural Expression

Collaborative and cultural expression, connections, creativity, teamwork, art, music, community, & beautiful people are coalescing a collaboration – it’s a Symbiosis.  Symbiosis Gathering, Family Tree, approaches for it’s 11th annual at Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, CA on September 22 – 25.  Echoing, inspiring, and furthering a transformational experience focused through participatory engagement surrounded in conscious communication and endless arts in all forms, the place you’ve imagined exists and is ready to welcome […]

Druid – Exclusive Fashion Interview

Paul Tsompanidis and Elena Giantsou are this months featured fashion duo ‘Druid’. Fabricating from their production laboratory in touristic village Leptokarya, near the Aegean sea and under Mount Olympus in Greece, the pair hand make and print all their offerings in their home and shop. The company found it’s beginning in Athens right after the local psychedelic scene began bubbling in 2001. The idea for Paul was to make a […]

Global Grooves / Earthwatch

Groupees and Street Ritual have teamed up to do some good for our fans and environment. For a limited time only, Groupees is offering their “Global Grooves” bundle in which you can get several albums, including a BONUS of our very own “Global Glitch” Compilation for just a small donation ($1 – $2).  Now you may ask yourself, but how do I help the environment?  You choose how much of […]

Create Culture – 1 Year Anniversary ft. Devin Kroes

Create Culture is a monthly showcase in Austin, Texas featuring live visionary art and futuristic psychedelic bass music by Third Coast Visions – a live painting collective – visionary art, pop surrealism, collaborative murals, festival installations , and more! Founded by Chance Roberts & Chad Tolentino, Third Coast Visions aim to create a close-knit family of like minded people and to inspire creativity in whatever medium you use to express yourself.  For their One Year Anniversary, Create Culture is bringing Street Ritual […]

Knowa Lusion ft. in 1LIVE Documentary: Bay Area Disrupted

Knowa Lusion is featured in 1LIVE [German National Radio] Documentary: Bay Area Disrupted about the Bay Area Music Scene & Housing Crisis & its effects on artists.  Knowa Lusion, our Founder, is a multi-genre talented artist (Turntablist/Producer) whom is considered to be one of the founders of Glitch Hop and an influential innovator in the American bass music culture.  He recently spent two days with Andreas Bick in October recording interviews for 1LIVE regarding […]

Culture: ReInhabiting the Village: Co-Creating Our Future Kickstarter

Donate Here: Be Part of the Support Jamaica Stevens, the creator of Tribal Convergence Network, and members of KeyFrame Entertainment aligned their visions to bring awareness in regards to the importance of universal connectedness through self-awareness.  They aim to strengthen community building, bring forth innovative and forth-moving technological tools, resources, and ancient knowledge to further form a futuristic vision that is capable of inspiring thus creating and enhancing planetary change […]