Totemic – Thunder

Totemic releases his debut EP, “Thunder”, on Street Ritual. A four-track rebirth of limitless feels, Doug Penny brings forth a diverse sonic palette composed of sonic mysteries unfolding through soothing instrumentation of the violin, organic melodies, textured rhythms, intricate drum patterns, and hard-hitting bass lines. A mixture of aligning yet complex energies come together to create a whole – a new vision. When worlds of sounds collide, they reveal a […]

Intermixture – Dynamic Interactivity

Released September 2014, Dynamic Interactivity is here stimulate and tingle your groove senses and boggle your mind. After 8 months of rigorous studio work from the duo, this album can be the very heart and soul of the Intermixture idea; to explore every possibility of what music is capable of. Each track takes turns being led at times by true instrumentation and then by synthesized instruments, harnessing the raw energy […]

Exploring Thriftworks: Fade, Fader and Fadest

Hailing from the underground bass music threshold of Oakland, CA, Thriftworks has made a lasting mark on the hearts and souls of his followers. Since his first release, Hermetic Thriftology in 2010, Jake has created a motif distinct from any other artist of his kind if such exists. Within the deep dynamics of his sound radiates a never-ending variety of rips, waves, wobbles and even possible signs of alien communication […]

Muppet Punk – Diamond Cutters [Free Download]

Dustin Keller, better known as Muppet Punk, has been going at it wild style since 2002 and it has been a party ever since. The Bay Area based DJ and producer keeps it fresh and innovative, electrifying listeners with his raw talent. Fusing booty shakin’ beats, hyphy bass lines and gangsta vibes to create a sound he describes as “booty bass”, Muppet Punk delivers every time in his productions and […]

Jeans & Other Jeans – Oh Tebins [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Street Ritual is proud to announce we’ll be dropping Brooklyn’s finest, Oh Tebin’s next EP! We’ve had our eye on this gentleman for awhile now, as his beats are always insanely fresh and way ahead of the game. In celebration, he is giving away this little gem for free download, exclusively through Street Ritual! And stay tuned for one hell of a EP coming soon! Soundcloud: Facebook: Jeans & Other […]
suntonio bandanaz

Boogie Up the Block by Suntonio Bandanaz

“Boogie Up The Block” Written by: SuntonioBandanaz™ All rights reserved ASCAP •2009 Mr.I.A.Nicholas Intro: Its your mans on the street, Put it on repeat. “” “” Verse 1: Already know what I’m doing in here. I’m tyring to see some bodies moving in here. I’m the type to grab a brew and put a few in the air. Shake that booty baby, put it in gear. Like there’s a party […]

Seasunz Wisdom/Bassnectar/Art In Action/Green For All Ashel Eldridge, a native of Chicago, is currently an Oakland, California based artist and spiritual activist. Ashel (aka Seasunz) performs spoken word, rap and sings nationally with conscious Hip Hop, Dub, Reggae and Electronica bands including Wisdom ( Bassnectar ( He has appeared at Earthdance, the High Sierra Music Festival, Tweeter Center in Philadelphia, House of Blues Hollywood, the historic Fillmore Theater in San […]

“All Buddhaz” feat Seasunz by KNOWSLEEP (lyrics)

……KnowOne …..Sleepyhead…Seasunz…KNOWSLEEP!!! 2008 for the healing and the transformation of all sentient beings…check it. TRANSMISSION!! 1st verse This aint a rap song this a platform for the voice of the universe to smack on. Long live the arc of it; Parched if love left out of it; boom boom shiva Earth triple heater candle lit. We gonna march on till the planet shift, captains dont abandon ship when the tides […]