Knowa Lusion and Rook – Electro Swing Music Video

Knowa Lusion self produced this Electro Swing style music video for his new track “I Got A New Lady” from the Volume 1 EP, also released this week! Featuring dancers from the San Francisco Bay Area and LA, its a fun and playful tribute to the 1920s and to Django Reinhardt, who was sampled in the melody of the track. Get the song and full EP here  

DRRTYWULVZ at Symbiosis Gathering

DRRTYWULVZ & The Art of Bohl have teamed up to bring us a spinet into one of the best moments this year at Symbiosis Gathering in Oakdale, CA. Take a look and listen for some of the freshest unreleased tunes of the summer!   The line-up the Spring Stage that night was second to none, and DRRTYWULVZ took the stage at 3AM following Andreilien. The vibes and the tribe was […]

Guardian + Chrystalline feat. Devin Kroes

Check out a music video by Guardian + Chrystalline featuring Street Ritual Label and Agency Artist Devin Kroes!  Watch as their captivating fire dance flows sync up with Devin Kroes’s mesmerizing sonic frequencies. Also attached are galatic photos of them both edited by James (Guardian) himself. A Performance duo hailing from Austin, Texas, they’ve both performed at countless festivals/events for numerous artists nation-wide!  Watch them glow as they also created […]

Knowa Lusion Remixes Lady Justice by Earth Amplified [Video / Song]

Knowa Lusion bounces into a new project!  He remixes both the song and video of “Lady Justice” by Earth Amplified.  A collaboration filled with Roots/Rap/Reggae, it’s quite the soulful bass journey. You ready for lyrical magic fusions with melodic rhythms of eloquent taste and visual creativity? Featuring Members: AshEL Seasunz, J.Bless, Ambessa, Seneca, Travis deLeon, Golden Horns, DJ Tuffist!  AshEL SeaSunZ from Earth Amplified finds a funkdafied way to educate young men about the plights […]

Poppin John ft. Staunch & Goosebumpz’ “Putrid” (Taiwan Dance Competition)

Poppin John features and performs to Staunch & Goosebumpz’s “Putrid” , one of the 14 tracks off of one of our latest releases, Global Glitch Compilation by our very own spacegeishA!  Taking place in Taiwan, watch and listen as Poppin John flows naturally and creatively during the Ocean Battle Session vol. 9 , the YAK Battles.  Glitch Hop swerve and stylistic magic! Global Glitch is an international compilation dedicated to musicians […]

Nas-ja – LIVE YouTube Preview: Fresh Upcoming 2015 Releases

Nas-ja releases an original [LIVE] 20 min YouTube video teaser mix containing a few of the FRESH upcoming bass-fueled tunes coming soon from him in 2015! Some of which are being released under Street Ritual on 02/10/2015 (Marking his second release with us!)  Check out this LIVE HQ audio mix & turn up your speakers! Bass Journeys. Stay Tuned for Collective Undertone to be released with us on 02/10/2015. Nas-ja, a producer creating in Lake Tahoe, CA is […]
Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 4.42.10 PM

Goopsteppa’s “Lighten Thy Heavy Heart” featured in Poppin John’s Video

Goopsteppa’s track,“Lighten Thy Heavy Heart”, was recently featured in Poppin John’s video which is dedicated to his friend, James Painting, who gave him endless inspiration and recently passed away from a carcinogenic brain tumor.  John Poppin has been competing for over 10 years now, and is considered to be one of today’s prime and stylistic hip-hop dancers.  Recognized by dancers all over the world, he has won many battles and has been in countless Poppin videos. Watch […]
kitsch meets glitch

Kitsch Meets Glitch!!!

Once upon a time in the Pacific Northwest, Miss ill-esha was meticulously crafting away, knitting together threads of jazz, ethnic and electronic music. Half a world away in Europe, Miss GiGi provoked the scene with her tantalizing mix of performance art and musical experimentation, creating visual projections in an array of costumes. One day this Queen of Kitsch descended from her starry cloud to encounter the glitchy soundscapes of ill-esha. […]
suntonio bandanaz

Boogie Up the Block by Suntonio Bandanaz

Written, performed and produced by Suntonio Bandanaz, Andrew Luck and Sleepyhead. Hook sample written and performed by Unique Son. Mixed by Knowa KnowOne. Video directed and produced by Asun. Video executive produced by Heidi Jackson. Dedicated James “Talk Sick” Sullivan, the first swine flu casualty in Washington state. R.I.P. ahki. From the forthcoming “Alien Technology” album.

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