Cactus Bath Creative – The Amen Break Waveform

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Cactus Bath Creative – The Amen Break Waveform


Colin Hendee aka: Cactus Bath Creative has carved and created the ultimate Amen Break Waveform – history’s most famous drum break!  Each chunk of wood equals a specific number of milliseconds (“It’s all brokendown in 8s and 16s”).  Cactus Bath is the master builder and uses his imagination in indescribable ways to create real life-size wooden sculptures through digital fabrication never thought possible! Residing in Austin, TX, he spends endlesshours of his day tapping into his creativity, a passionate individual with a bright future. This latest creation is one of his favorites and has been a huge part of his life for over 15 years.  He has launched his Etsy page, so be sure to check it out and keep in tune with ongoing projects!

He has engaged in multiple digital fabrications such as: Stage Design, Geometric Lamp Designs, Art Installations, you name it!  Be sure to keep an eye out for the originality stemming behind this innovative and fresh mindset as he’s bound to take it to the next level.  Aside these creations he’s also a music producer …experimental , IDM influenced bass music to be exact, an overall multifaceted inventor.  Below you will find images of not only the Amen Break Waveform, but also of some of his latest designs! He’s on the path of discovery through intuitive following of passions.

Amen Break Waveform by Cactus Bath Creative


Spires Art Installation (5 total) at Art Outside 2014


Stage Design by Cactus Bath Creative [ May 2014]


Geometric Lamp Designs by Cactus Bath Creative


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