Artist Support: Darkwhyte – Shades EP

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Artist Support: Darkwhyte – Shades EP


Darkwhyte released their debut album, Shades, on Bandcamp on 12/02/2014 and it’s an experimental exposure of sonic venture into shades of pigmentations of varying escapes.  Asher Fulero and Julian Fritz’s new collaboration project is a new vision of thought made possible by the combination of music knowledge and experience withheld by each artist.  Long time friends, they come from a wide-range of understanding of sound as each have taken upon varying musical projects and engagements such as music production, and live instrumentation of the keyboard (Asher Fuler) and the drums (Julian Fritz).  This creation of entity explores dark elements of deep bass, psychedelic vibes, dub feels and delays, 808 kicks, analog bass, and ambient soundscapes all surrounded in a chillout/downtempo setting – a new understanding of mixtures, intentions, creativity, and variety.

Shade consists of 4 exploratory tracks: Tomb Ric, Minions, Fool’s Mijool, and Kelixer: Tomb Ric is initiated by mellow intricate beat patterns of behavior and engages the mind as it flows and as you hear low tone lyrical messages of “All I wanna” …”Lot’s of Love” in a subsonic atmosphere.  A combination of melodic sparks and pulsating frequencies hit snare strikes with a blend in 808 kicks- a chillout hip hop vibe is present.  Minions is an eerie gateway into deep bass lines and becomes lively as the bass gets deeper.  Echoes of rhythm, composition, and temptation sets the mood right as the track progresses further with a sexy flow.  Feels pull you in deeper as they expose a new synthesizer outlook – a hauntingly pleasant surprise.  Fool’s Mijool takes you into a new synthesizer shade as it sporadically exposes intentional crescendos, ultimately creating a luminous experience stemming  from their creative inner energy.  Melodic patterns and 808 kicks gives ambience a new meaning as it blends rhythmically and poetically together.  Kelixer takes you into a profound psychedelic journey, a chill cleanse of deep bass and intriguingly mysterious beat patterns which form symmetrical alignments. Chillout Winter Solstice Magic – 12/21/14

Artwork by Bluetech

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