Druid – Exclusive Fashion Interview

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Druid – Exclusive Fashion Interview


Paul Tsompanidis and Elena Giantsou are this months featured fashion duo ‘Druid’. Fabricating from their production laboratory in touristic village Leptokarya, near the Aegean sea and under Mount Olympus in Greece, the pair hand make and print all their offerings in their home and shop. The company found it’s beginning in Athens right after the local psychedelic scene began bubbling in 2001. The idea for Paul was to make a psy shop ‘for all the elves and faeries to find magical things to wear’ and to create an outlet for connection within the psychedelic culture. As the vision grew to a more imminent dream in 2004, he left the city to open a shop that was more in tune with nature. After making his home in Leptokarya, Paul met Elena who had a background in fashion studies and a love for making handmade clothing and accessories.

After a few years into the partnership they adopted the name “Druid” inspired from an ominous experience at 1997’s Rainbow Gathering in Greece and the magic began with Elena sewing items and Paul finishing with prints. With muses ranging from psychedelic and ethnic cultures to mother nature, Druid aspires to make handmade clothing with environmental awareness a more prominent practice in modern fashion. To maintain the authenticity of the interviewI left it in its original form and did not grammatically translate the noise of the language barrier. Please enjoy a look into these beautiful minds and give their online offerings a visit or two.



  • What is your process when it comes to creating your designs? Does it start with a concept, moved to a sketchpad, then drafted digitally?
    • First of all, there’s going to be a design of the line of the garment then it’s going to be a pattern, and finally it will be cut on the fabric and sewn.  After that, we start to imagine the kind of the print that fits on that particular design we are working on.  Once we are ready with that part, we start to work on it digitally and make it printable.
  • Do you see a correlation between music and fashion? Describe this connection.
    • Both of them music and fashion are human needs fashion has to do with the body and music is about the soul.  There are different kinds of music… and each one has its kind of fashion style which happens because every music attracts people with more or less same elements of character, and that character reflects the clothing style of the people.  The character can be seen on the clothing style we wear.
  • Do you find inspirations for your designs from particular regions of the world? Any cultures that really move you to incorporate their elements into your work?
    • The first region is out of our world… it is from Space…that’s why I use Crop Circles designs for our prints.  The other regions are from ancient tribes from all over the world like Greek Mayas Celtic Hindu and more.
  • What music do you listen to while you create?
    • The most of the time we listen all kinds of electronic music. Some of our favorite artists are Shpongle  – Juno Reactor- Cydelix –Vlastur- LunaRave – Ovnimoon.
  • Where do you see this brand in 5 years? Do you hope to break into another style of clothing design and expand on current offerings?
    • For sure we want to be as more as possible ecological in the future As about the style our logo is keep it psychedelic!!!
  • Do you employ in house sewing or are the designs bounced out to a finisher?
    • All the work is made from the two of us in our shop and lab.
  • Where do you imagine fashion will look at the end of the century?
    • We hope that slowly the massive production of clothing must restrictive and small manufacturers will grow and have the perspective to be ecologically to maintain the health of the Earth.
  • Any other artistic endeavors? 
    • I used to be a percussionist and perform at nightclubs with my group we call Eliens playing with arican djembe

Thanks Guys! Much success in future endeavors!








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