Duffrey – Staring Into Space

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Duffrey – Staring Into Space

Staring Into Space, Duffrey’s Debut Release, is an exploration of deep space by way of squishy, crunchy glitch with a heavy spoonful of lurk. This ethereal journey will take you from the dark, dank woods to the farthest reaches of the multiverse to a land filled with howling wolves and dancing gnomes. And you’ll still be home for dinner. Intelligent highs and grimey lows bring you on a full scape journey leaving you both satisfied and shredded at the same time. With howling highs and complex lows, Duffrey’s howlin’ is just the beginning.

Duffrey is an electronic music producer with a unsatisfiable hunger for brain tickling soundscapes and funky bass. Woody Klann, an Oakland based drummer and musician from a young age, has been squeezing sounds from his environment since he can remember. His style is heavily influenced by a chilled-out west coast bass flavor introduced to him during his time spent in the NW and California. Duffrey’s goal is to convert brainwaves into vibrational energy that takes control of your body and leaves you with a tingly sensation. From the grimiest of glitch to a feel good mash-up, Duffrey keeps it interesting, fresh, and is ready to shred at all times.

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