Conscious Kalling – Enlightened Eyes – Out Now!!!

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Conscious Kalling – Enlightened Eyes – Out Now!!!


Conscious Kalling’s debut EP on Street Ritual – Enlightened Eyes – presents a unique twist of world bass, glitch, womp, and wierd. It’s kind of like that moment when you realize you’ve lost yourself on a dusty desert dance floor – the drums spark thoughts of tribal ritual. Your ancestors call to you with wisdom of the past, and your future self draws you forward into a new reality.

Conscious Kalling isn’t making music for the mainstream. He makes it for the seekers looking beyond the vail of popular culture. “I make music inspired by underground cultures in the world around me,” he says, “Primal rhythms that move the soul and expand the mind” Coming from the desert southwest, his sound combines elements of glitch hop, dub step, and trap music with tribal rhythms and instruments from across the globe. The result is something unique he describes as “Desert Music.”


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