Featured Artist: August ~ Fractaled Visions

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Featured Artist: August ~ Fractaled Visions

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Keith Anderson is an ever-evolving artist living in California and has been creating 3D fractal art since 2013, and he calls these digital renders Fractaled Visions. Having always loved all things psychedelia, he found a special affinity for the often very geometric artwork found in the visionary art culture prominent in the West Coast art and festival scene. He was soon inspired to begin his own creative explorations into digital and generative art, which has blossomed into a nonstop passion.  Self-expression through digital art has been his for of channeling energy and creativity from visions afar – visions from the infinite realm.

Keith uses his fractal creations to create a live visual performance at concerts and festivals, twisting and melting layers and effects together to bring the images and music to life for the crowd on projection- mapped stages. He has performed at dozens of events throughout North America including Infrasound Music Festival, Stilldream Festival, and Shambhala Music Festival, while providing visual stimulation alongside such musical talents as Bonobo, Desert Dwellers, and Bluetech. He has also commissioned his artwork for albums from such artists as AtYyA, Dubcoling, and Inconceivable Master Plan. Keith recently relocated to the West Coast and is excited to be collaborating on new projects with some of his peers!

Curious about his visions, I reached out to Keith as he reveals inspirations that triggered his creative flow, artistry upbringing, projection-mapping, the creative process, hobbies, tools, fractal geometry, balance, and collaborations in the works!  With having created geometric alignments through portals and mechanizations through forests, and ancient pyramids, he illuminates an overall great depth.  He shares with us the laws of geometry that define our Universe.  He aligns profound perspectives of innovative thought curating energetic, thought-provoking, and emotive experiences through album art, collaborative ideas, prints, and projections.


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1. Share with us the initial trigger that inspired your draw into digital arts creativity. Tell us about your artistry upbringing.

I’ve always been really inspired by digital graphics in video games and movies. I only started creating digital art myself after seeing some pieces by Android Jones and Justin Totemical for the first time in a gallery at Lightning in a Bottle five years ago. I was so impressed, and I’ve been learning about digital art ever since. So far it’s just been a self­taught experience­ growing up I had very little artistic education beyond gradeschool. I started playing around with fractal software a couple years ago and that’s where I’ve focused a lot of my time since.

2. Have you or do you ever engage with projection ­mapping?

Definitely­! I started learning projection mapping and VJ software in early 2014, and found that animating them to the music was a great way to display a lot of the 3D fractal renders I was creating. In the past year and a half I’ve learned a lot about the art form and had the pleasure of performing my visuals with some of my favorite musical talents.

3. Your creations are very psychedelic, they’re “visions from the infinite realm”. Lead us through your creative process; where do you begin; what presents your vision?

Fractals offer a view into geometry and landscapes that are completely abstract, and it gives the viewer the ability to let their imagination tell the story. I like to explore a lot with various concepts and formulas throughout a number of softwares, and inevitably I find resulting shapes and forms that inspire my imagination. Then it’s all about trying to bring that vision to life with lighting, texture, and motion.

4. Besides fractaled digital visualizations, do you engage in other forms of self ­expression?

Aside from computer art, interpretive liquid dance is definitely my next favorite outlet for creativity! I’m always dancing throughout the day, and I try to apply inspirations from dance into my live VJ performance to truly visualize the music.

5. What does the present feel consist of? Are you working on any new projects?

I just moved back to California after spending last year in the Midwest and a summer full of travel, so I’m looking for a new studio space to get settled in and focus on a lot of new content creation and self­education over the winter. I’m working on some album art concepts for a couple friends, too, so keep a look out for those.

Orbital Transmissions

Orbital Transmissions - Fractaled Visions Logos

6. Your in­depth visualizations extend in multiple patterned dimensions/alignments; you’re essentially sharing a new world through portals, dreamscapes, forests, geometric swirls, tetracts, ancient pyramids, mechanizations, and merkaba activations. What’s the underlying message behind your art?

Fractal geometry appears so foreign, but at the same time feels so familiar in many ways. In fact, it’s all around us. The laws of geometry define our entire world. I enjoy exploring it because it offers perspectives that may have never been seen before, and I guess I’m just trying to share that with my audience.

7.  What tools do you create with? What’s your favorite program?

The software I have used the most is called Mandelbulb3D. It’s free software, so I encourage people who are interested to give it a try. I also enjoy using Xenodream, Incendia, Groboto, and Cinema4D, among others. There’s an endless list of cool fractal and 3D software out there, those are just a few of my favorites.

8. What are some of your spiritual rituals. What keeps you aligned and balanced?

Spending time with my dog, listening to and being in the forests and in nature, dancing, and being with friends and family all inform my sense of self and help to keep my spirit nurtured.

9.  Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I’ve got some new clothing collaborations in the works, and keep an eye out for my new website coming this fall! In the mean time you can stay up to date with my artwork at my Fractaled Visions page on Facebook <3 Big ups Street Ritual!

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