Featured Artist: Christian Rodriguez ~ February

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Featured Artist: Christian Rodriguez ~ February


The Art of Christian Amadeus Rodriguez “CAR” is a master at his craft. His works capture extreme points of monolithic esoteric dreams and exoskeletal realms of the imagination thrashed with spices from the new age and true world. As a native from San Antonio, he dabbles in the glyphs and information hidden within the layering of his surrounding, every culture, every draw-point and symbolically expresses them in endless articulated jargon of the mind wrapped in magik that is satisfying, but equally compelling in personal message and meaning. Not one thing in particular can be said of his work. It is something to be seen so one can express the emotive’s they personally feel.

Impelling Caress


1 -Lets start at the beginning. Tell me about your childhood, where you grew up, the things that spurred you to create. When did you feel that initial expressive pulse come into your veins?

C- I sprouted up from San Antonio TX with encouragement from my family to pursue fine art, partly because they liked that it made me independent. I was easy to please just daydreaming about what to make next. Wandering off peacefully, like a floating little jellyfish phantom, harpooning my sharp observation tendrils at anything and everything, honoring the quick scanning ability of light emitted from burning solar flares. What spurred me to make art was kind of a necessity to expand or immerse myself further in my imagination. The reason being was I grew up poor. I had to make due with what I had. I remember molding extra costume made weapons accessories and environments for my action figures, using melted wax from religious candles and having the most epic fantasies. My creations were also an escape from the dysfunctional broken homes I witnessed from an early age. It makes sense to me now, how it was so easy to invent.

2- Looking back over the years you have presented so many styles. What do you think is the underlying most motivation, whether a vision or just urge to create? There are many classic tastes dotted and flecked with ethereal spaces and themes throughout your works as well. Who do you consider your great inspirers?

C- I would say my most underlying motivation is learning how to appreciate and find the beauty and purpose or function in all things and compliment them without diluting their will power or originality. My destiny is to bridge the gap and find some common ground to work together and make a larger flame a bigger picture with exquisite resolution. My greatest inspires of course are the ones I share inside jokes and close personal experiences with, no bond is stronger and more understanding. As for the classic taste, what satiates me are sci-fi conceptual artist more than any.


3- Tell me about your routine, your realms to me are deep, so much interlaced dimension going on. How do you bring on the mindset you use to explore? Is there a lead up?

C- My routine is about organizing everything in my workspace so that efficiency is at it’s maximum. My great grandmother always says, everything in its place and a place for everything makes all the doors wide and unlocks the key for you to succeed. I like to think of a studio as a digestive track if things get clogged or lagged, it becomes aggravating to produce good shit when your spending time looking for your favorite, that special tool you need. GPS chip everything if I could, or tie strings to everything, (bootleg version). There is a lead up from a download of ideas above waiting to be plucked and planted. Energy sources even void sources from higher dimensions or future spaces.

4- Tell me about a normal day in your shoes. Is your mind still transcribing new planes to play with from your surrounding, or your model of motion and process in the waking hours? What hobbies do you enjoy?

C- The average days are spent taking care of my heath and basic animal needs food shelter, love. When those things are replenished then I begin to conjure at full speed. I absorb and trace daily stimuli with additives and new forms and filtered lens all the time. I ‘m inclined to believe that there are epic proportions in every mundane scene. Nothing is ordinary especially when you smash your perception into a million pieces and rebuild it under a new light. My hobbies are doing Yoga, fishing, hunting, camping, and getting in touch with the earth. Reading, practicing magic, setting up magnetic prayer fields. Setting courses for my intentions.

5- What types of things do you have in the works? Say a new collection or direction in dreams you have not familiarized the audience yet. I have noticed many outlying notions that find their way through your work. Are you seemingly crafting and hiding smaller tales within the bigger picture? Like intentional choose your own adventure. It feels as though there are deep wormholes present in the symbolism.

C- Yes , but I’ve decided to settle on 3 major styles for now; I’ll just reveal 1. I yearn to study of energy transformations from a generalized scientific stand point with my own approximations for thermodynamics, aerodynamics, sound-waves, brainwaves, smells; I want to paint each field of study separately but also paint them in combination. I yearn to be keen on the spots of energy I want to highlight those sources where they are most at work and graduate segments of it’s distribution. So I will hence fourth not paint how the human eye sees light creating shells of things. There is a need for me to connote the multi-layered components that fill the vessels.

Tracking Remission


6- You are a man of many tastes, and mediums. Which is your favorite to work with constantly? to Transmute your feelings into texture and perceivable model?

C- My favorite is acrylics there easy to work with no mess like oils faster too. But oils are better at blending large surfaces. But really my favorite medium would be a bit of everything. I’d like to just be an architect of sorts. Hopefully in the future I can make more money to float on to learn computer programming and other evolving media. You see cause if you get stuck in your ways you’ll it’s most likely you’ll end up a thing of the past and living like a hermit somewhere.

7 -Any big plans in line for the next few years?

C- I’m going to travel more getting the show on the road and visit more ancient ruins I was so inspired after seeing Chichen Itza this year.

Return from Xibalba


8 – What is reality to you? and why is personal expression imperative to the evolution of said surrounding reality?

C- As we grow older our perception changes from childhood, adolescence, adulthood, elderly. What I say now will probably change in the next 7 years, but this is what I’ve gathered so far. Reality to me is circuitry of perceptions that are unlocked and accumulated. It’s also like a stick shift trassmisson on a car. In order to get to higher gears you have to accelerate through lower gears. Picture these perceptions for most of us like a tree that grows. Most of us in major cities around the world are socially engineered programed worker bees taught at a young age to view the world in scientific methods that say, what can’t be proven can’t be real. So the starting perception is like a lame ass stump to plop your butt on but as you gain more experience travel the world a bit, or appreciate other cultures and their ways, their disciplines, you become, less close-minded. The more branches of perception begin to bifurcate and you can climb to the top to see the entire landscape of the jungle. Reality to me is also a spiritual commerce a place where we can exchange bits of data from each other and when we die turn in our credits, merit, stories gravity, for hyperdymensional machines or gain access to inner circles of elites or nobles. Everything is consciousness, information, math, divisions, intersections, energy, oneness, though that oneness is swirling at different densities like the way water and oil create emulsion. Your echoing desires are a pie graph. What ever you gravitated to when living, your energy will be sliced and served to those things upon death. Reality to me is good communication, good art is like good love making where the concept and the technique must be climaxing at the same time. The delivery must sing.

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