Featured Artist: January ~ Omar Chow

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Featured Artist: January ~ Omar Chow


Omar Chow is a multi-dimensional visual artist who was born and raised in the Lone Star State of Texas, and is currently living in Austin, TX.  Immersing himself in the creative art and music scene, he is devoted to the arts in many styles, but focuses his attention on acrylic paint as his prime medium. His imaginative style of avant-garde geometric and organic “future-spacescapes” are unquestionably groundbreaking as they reveal intentions from a penetrating perspective of great depth. Drawing from an array of attractive angles, silky smootgradients of lustrous color, and mind-boggling precision, he reveals a new form of feel and perspective. I connected through to Omar, and we chatted about the world inside him, his fascination with Gems, his process of creation, and the meaning behind “ElectroGravity & Self-Organizing Systems”. 

  In-depth Interview with Omar Chow


(1) How and when did you first get involved with art?

I have always been interested in art, since childhood. Always liked to draw. So I kinda feel like Ive been involved with art forever. But when I moved to Austin TX in 2005 and lived amongst the creative hotbed community that Austin is, and started meeting other creatives, thats when I knew that[Art] was the path I wanted to take, so I started making moves necessary to sustain a career in the arts. 

(2) Tell us about your otherworldly style and intention behind your creations. What is the profound linking message behind these layered visions of unique patterns & textures evolving from your individual aesthetic?

To answer this question I must preamble with the fact that I believe the true essence of this type or ‘style’ of art, this new genre which has not yet been defined in terms of a legit art movement, since its happening right now, is for the most part ineffable. Too extreme and abstract to be accurately described in words alone, and understood the same by everyone. And everyone always draws their own conclusion anyways, which I love. I always consider it open to interpretation, and that any profound message received from this style of art must come from within the viewer. Which isn’t true for all kinds of art. And I love hearing everyones interpretations of the work. Simply put, the intention is to get people to see from a new perspective. Perspective plays a huge role in the composition of most all my work. Sometimes to shift ones perspective, an individual might need a cognitive jolt, something that commands their attention, something that distracts them from the mundaneness, something that inspires them, just ignites something within.

(3) Who or What inspires you on a daily basis?

I get inspired by the worldwide community of artists around me, whether they be producers/DJs/musicians, graphic designers, jewelers, chefs, glassblowers, hustlers, gem cutters, we all pass the inspiration around it seems. A good book. A really good motion picture but not always the box office hit type tho, a lot of graffiti/street art/public art has inspired me . Van Gogh, Picasso, Vermeer, DaVinci, Dali and many other classical Masters inspired me early on. Nature and my natural surroundings are inspiring, often times directly related to some of the patterns and textures featured in my art. I also really like Analog synthesis and all the sounds that can be produced with an electrical signal. Quite amazing and inspiring and fun. So many things really, getting inspired isn’t hard, its harnessing it for an extended period of time thats hard.

(4) Consciously speaking, what do you engage in and/or evolve yourself around in order to keep yourself clear minded, expansive, aligned, and fresh?

I guess surrounding myself with good company, foreword thinkers, creatives, intellectuals and the like keeps things fresh and expansive. Alignment comes and goes like the planets. Some days feel high other days low. Its about trusting in the process, having faith, and remembering the blessing is in the struggle. Just, trying to create a life that is mentally, physically, and spiritually balanced. I like Tai Chi although I haven’t practiced in a while.

Engages in Inlayed Brim Pendant/Painted Hats – collab w/ Future Artifacts

(5) I see that you incorporate organic Gems and Minerals using geometrical shapes and alignments, tell us about your relationship with Crystals and their involvement in your reflection.

Gems & Minerals have always been a fascination of mine. I was always attracted to the geometric structure of crystals, and all the brilliant colors they can be found in. The angles and terminations are all so aesthetically pleasing to my eye. And its just crazy to me to think that the earth produces these exquisite gems and minerals and crystals and rocks. Its like the art of the earth. Natures treasures. I have a deep appreciation for them. Also, humans give value to things of rarity, which some of them are very rare indeed. We give them really high monetary values. Like Gold for example. Thats all very interesting to me how honest money used to be backed by gold and now we use this fiat currency. I often wonder if we will ever move to a more honest monetary system in the future, like we had in the past.

(6) You paint from a penetrating perspective of great depth portraying limitlessness through continual emergences; tell us about your tactics, what’s your strategy, how does it reveal itself?

My process of creation usually begins very loose and chaotic just building up an atmosphere. Then I usually lay down some converging lines and angles to play off of throughout the process. Maybe some tessellations or concentric circles. Mathy stuff that, to me, symbolizes the structure of nature surrounding us. There is geometry in the arrangements of the planets and celestial bodies as well as the molecules and atoms that we are made of. I like to entertain the theory of fractal cosmology, or the idea that the structure of the universe itself is a fractal across a wide range of scales. So Im constantly infusing those ideas and theories into my work. I guess you could say a lot of my work is rooted in scientific theories in the fields of physics/astrophysics and astronomy/cosmology, even geology with the crystals and everything.

(7) Tell us about this imaginative composition featured with us; “ElectroGravity & Self-Organizing Systems”.

‘ElectroGravity & Self-Organizing Systems’  is about the forces that collided to create our rare existence as we know it. All the matter and stardust in the universe that flew through space until it was accumulated into what we presently call Earth. Then the billions of years it took for natural phenomena to play out in cyclical events until humans were created, then finally being born into existence, and creating a life of abundance. Life is so Unique and Rare! Sometimes we take it for granted. And I was feeling thankful at the time for all the friends and family members who are part of my existence so I painted us celebrating everything I just explained. Thats what you see in ‘ElectroGravity’. Its the invisible forces that brought us all together.

Download the Desktop Wallpaper of “ElectroGravity & Self-Organizing Systems”

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