Featured Artist: July ~ Chance Roberts

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Featured Artist: July ~ Chance Roberts

Ouroboros - Chance Roberts

Chance Roberts is an ever evolving artist from Texas.  A life-long creator, he’s been inspired by the world around him, and has found passion within the music and arts culture.  Growing up as a musician, he always followed his intuitive leads, which has led him to the Now as an artist traveling and exploring a fine network of blossom.  Having just graduated with a a BFA in Studio Art with a focus in painting, he wants to keep a strong focus on painting.  After the Summer, he plans to take his creative world overseas, as he’s planing a long, adventured travel.  Although not his prime focus, Chance has also dove into many styling into the creation worlds of event coordination, Art gallery curator, Graphic Design for Create Culture, and Geodesic dome builder, quite the crafty multitasker. I reached out to Chance as I was interested in his creative process, inspirations, artistic upbringing, spiritual rituals, and summer plans.  He shared with us wise words, and being a crafty multitasker.

Ouroboros‘ in the creative process


1. Tell us about the initial inspiration that cultivated the painting lifestyle. Share with us the history of your artistry and the creative process.

Well, to answer that, I guess I would have to go all the way back… I was always the super weird kid. Wearing two different colored socks and crazy clothes for no reason. My family always supported and encouraged me to do what I dreamed and to create things, if that’s how I was feeling. During my teenage years, I was really into playing drums and played in several bands, mostly ska and punk rock type stuff.  After I finished high school, I became really interested in art, but mostly partying, which lead me to some places that I didn’t really want to go. After a good chunk of hard times, I was really confused and lost in my life and was searching for meaning (like everyone I suppose?), and it lead to discovering myself possibility during Wakarusa one year where I encountered live painters for the first time: Michael Garfield, Rae Vena and Andy Reed along with a ton more.  This really shocked me; that people could just go to festivals and concerts and, not only have a good time, but also do something productive. That right there can really help people, and quite frankly change lives; and it was all done through a medium almost as old as man, paint. By using creativity and focus, they were able to put something into the world that was pure and meaningful. At that point, I hadn’t really painted much, although I was a lifelong artist. I was going to college and immediately switched my major to art, got a ton of paint, and spent the next year of my life locked in my apartment in Houston while on probation before I would ever showed anything to anyone. Long story short, here I am 5 years later and finally finished school with a degree in painting, and somehow, have been blessed to travel all over the place doing what I love; although I can’t say it’s without a struggle, but I am so grateful to be where I am and doing what I love and trying to make a positive impact on my small sphere of influence.  I must say that the community in central Texas is one of the finest, one of the most amazing group of humans anywhere; and if it weren’t for the love and support of so many friends and new friends along the way I don’t know where or who I would be right now.

2. Besides painting/live painting, you’ve also engaged in quite a few projects outside of the creative world and have explored worlds of event coordination, Art gallery curator, Graphic Design for Create Culture, and Geodesic dome builder, you’re quite the crafty multitasker. How has engaging in different styles of projects helped you grow as an individual?

I really like to stay busy, and feel like I’m doing something productive and working tword the un­named “mission” at all times, it’s a really strange almost mechanical driving force. Most of those things just seemed to happen honestly, I was in the right place at the right time and the tasks were set in front of me to do. I like to dabble in throwing events, but I am not a promoter and that lifestyle doesn’t really suit me.  Chad and I got the Create Culture thing going forever ago it seems, but it’s really his brain child at this point and I don’t have to do much besides come up with some flyer work and help organize the live artists, but watching that whole project blossom and to be so supported by everyone has been a truly humbling experience! One thing I am really, really passionate about is giving people an opportunity to be themselves, and to provide a container for them to be able to share their art (soul) to the best of their ability and feel comfortable and supported enough to thrive in a way that is special and unique to each artist and viewer alike.  It’s in these really special moments where time and space cease to exist and transformation can happen, sounds sappy but art changed my life and I just feel a responsibility to help provide that hopefully for others. Geodesic domes are just a means to this end, and they are a ton of fun! I love domes because they really embody the geometric nature of the Universe, they are cost effective and all around a blast to be inside and build.  I’m grateful to have had a good dome team over the years to help give everyone’s art a home away from home in so many places. Domes, events, artwork, flyers and artists are all just pieces of the whole picture, working with everything and anything to best impact the sphere around us is what it’s all about, leaving things better than when you came, and if you don’t owning it and trying to make it right. It’s all about trying to be the most genuine version of yourself and empowering others to do the same so we can collectively get ourselves out of the rat race and onto better things. Still working on it!

Glided Matrix


3. You host Spacelab gatherings in San Marcos, Texas, share with us your vision with these gatherings you hold on the regular.

Spacelab was a really amazing and strange aligning of planets that provided myself and a really special group of people a place smack dab in the middle of town to pretty much do what we do. Once we realized really what we had there, and the amount of potential it was, it was really just about running with it, and trying to create the reality we wanted to see in the space that we had say over. Workshops, psytrance parties, jam bands, potlucks, movie nights, art sessions galore, flow arts and everything inbetween. It’s amazing what the community has to offer when given the space to work, without the hassles of dealing with things most venues are concerned about like alcohol sales, money, time limits and sound restrictions.  Unfortunately, though all good things come to an end, and cycles complete themselves as they were meant to; and because we were basically doing all this “underground” with no permits or anything, and we were directly in the middle of town, we weren’t able to keep the lid on it, nor did we really feel like we should; it was our offering to everyone. Right at the end of our lease, the powers that be decided that we shouldn’t be doing that and we were forced to cease operations; but not without planting some seeds. It was like some strange movie/ dream/ festival and I miss it very much.

4. You’re part of the Third Coast Visions collective ­ a community of stellar creatives.  How does collaborative group effort help to cultivate artistic developments. Do you draw personal inspirations from the world are you in shared experiences?

Without collaborating, even on small levels, doing what we do would not be possible.  Building domes by yourself isn’t possible, nor is filling an art gallery with only your art a good thing to do. Ive learned so much from traveling and working with artists from all over the place. Making connections with people and networking with like minded folks has so many rewards, and together we can do things that we had no idea about before. Working alone in the studio is of course the bread and butter of most artists, but jumping into the world and submersing yourself into experiences is an incredible way to get out of the comfort zone where the real magic happens. I must say though, that organizing artists is a lot of time like hearding cats, and is much easier said than done.

5. Besides art and the mentioned hobbies above, what are some of your spiritual rituals. What else would you like to tap more into?

I spend a lot of time by the San Marcos river, it’s an oasis and has some serious healing power, as well as intense destructive force. It’s been a humbling place to spend time over the last year and I’ve been learning a lot about going with the flow and surrendering to what life has to offer, and handling it with love and patience. I also have a really intense obsession with shrine and altar building, collecting tiny seemingly meaningless items from people places and adventures all along the way and treating them as sacred capsules of lifes rewards that are beyond monetary value and represent the only things that have true meaning, maybe? Honestly, life has been crazy lately, just because I make art doesn’t mean things are simple or easy, sometimes it makes things harder. All I can hope to do is live with integrity, honesty, gratitude and love and hope to be myself to the best I can; making art is just how I cope with being human, it’s a side effect of my mental processess and time capsules of personal and shared experiences, some artifacts that will outlive me and probably confuse people in the future.

Mercury Rising‘ in the creation process


6. Tell us about your Summer. Has it been more chill or more adventurous? Are you partaking in any future journeys?

Summer is always an adventure!!!  This one has been no exception, in fact it’s probably been the most emotionally, physically and artistically challenging one in my life. I just finished school at the beginning of summer, and the Spacelab was shut down in the same week,followed by a very real experience at Burning Flipside. So a lot of changes, new beginnings and endings. I also attended Firefly Gathering in Arizona this year, and it was an absolute gem of a festival!!! They treated the artists with a lot of respect and love, and it was all around family vibes from the second we arrived in Flagstaff, highly recommend checking that out. Ive been at home the last few weeks doing odd jobs and painting, trying not to go crazy; but up next im heading to Arkansas for a great smaller fest with the Flux family for Solar Flux, then a week in the Ozarks and heading to Colorado for Arise and some much needed mountain time as well as visiting old friends and doing some artwork collaborations which I cant talk about yet 😉

7. You just graduated from Texas State. What major did you get a Bachelor’s in and what’s your next step/focus?

Good question! I got a BFA in Studio art with a focus in painting. That took forever and not having to go to school now has been rather surreal. I guess the next step now is to finish out this summer tour ahead of me, keep working on art as much as possible and living best I can. Ill be working with a few festivals in the fall around Texas and am aiming to start traveling full time by the end of the year. I got my sights on Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, India and beyond. Im also really interested in starting some larger work on murals, more collaborations, a few giant domes and some surprises ( I dont want to show all my cards just yet) I do have long term goals of becoming an art teacher, but not in a traditional way, will just let that one evolove into itself. I want to find bigger and bigger way to help people use art to change the world for good. If someone were to drop a million dollars in my lap I would open a large community center/ venue/ art gallery/ print shop and workshop, similar to Spacelab but fully legit, and hold space in that way, fingers crossed!



8. Tell us about your favorite live painting experience. Which artist(s), event, festival/gathering has triggered the most emotion and elevated experience.

There have been so many experiences that Im so blown away that I was able to experience. Some epic highlights have been Om vibrations painting in the cave, The manifestation celebration in the Dallas museum, Rootwire festival 2k13 was a shining example of how festivals and festival art galleries should be, Head for the Hills festival in Kerrville has a very special place in my heart, being the art director for the last few years we’ve built a lot of great memories. Also recently I was blessed to be able to spend a day painting with someone I love very much at Zion national park in Utah, it was easily one of the best days I’ve ever had.  It would be silly not to mention Art Outside, the first place I ever showed my art really in 2010.  Painting in the dome is my happy place. Some of my favorite people to collaborate with are Erin Guthrie, my ninja Chris Bohlin and my brother Wanderweird as well as Christian Rodriguez.. The experiences that painting has brought into my life have forever changed me, and in gratitude I must dedicate my life to it and everything that goes along with it.

9. Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Be good to each other, being kind, gentle and patient are easy steps we can take in our lives that have a positive impact. Helping build each other up instead of tear each other down is extremely important, show love to the people in your life and tell them you believe in them! We can create the most beautiful art in the world, and live cutting edge crazy lifestyles, but it all means nothing if its not rooted in pure intentions and most importantly love. As for creating things…. if you feel it do it! Don’t ever give up, keep working at it and work past the hard parts. Learn techniques and hone your craft to get up to speed with the images in your mind. Learn to create pictures and symbols that mean something to people, especially the people in your life, connecting with the heart is important. Make things you enjoy looking at, and put them up for others to see. Dont be afraid, or ashamed, and never talk down your own work infront of others. Keep it Trill, much love to Sofia and Street Ritual. See ya’ll on the other side!

Enjoy Three Desktops Ouroboros, Glided Matrix, Kali


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