Featured Artist: June ~ Lizard A Baggett

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Featured Artist: June ~ Lizard A Baggett


Elizabeth Baggett aka: Lizard A Baggett has created and discovered herself through her mind’s eye. She exposes her imagination through her creation of studio art, live painting, and within every experience felt between each brush stroke. Her artistic discoveries have come to light through profound visions, which have ultimately led to her kaleidoscopic visualizations of colorations. Hailing from Austin, TX, but raised in Alamo, TX, she eventually returned to her original homeland to pursue the craft of a visual artist. Elizabeth has been painting for 13 years to date, a passion followed through – an expansion of creativity that will continue to shine as we move forward.

Currently residing in Ouray, Colorado, she hopes to spread her lively energy, and thus, hopes to trigger inspirations as she flows along life’s experiences. Creating and weaving her imagination in all directions, she incorporates otherworldly presence, geometrical shapes, third-eye visions, trees, owls, ethereal cat-figures, and psychedelic yet futuristic optics. All of her mysterious creations are revealed through vibrant, earthy, and galactic patterns of the impossible. Her art is ever-growing as she continues to explore herself through her own mind’s eye.

For the month of June, we are featuring three of Baggett’s creations, “Tourmaline Space King ” , “The Dragon’s Keeper”, and “Princess Furbalicious “.  Curious about her artistic upbringing, I reached out to Elizabeth and inquired about her initial exploration/inspiration into creative world, her creative process, other forms of self-expression, travels, rituals, and current focus.

Lizard A Baggett


Inspired by Nature and her creative surroundings


In the Magic Flow


1.  When did you first dive into the creative world? Tell us about the moment that initially triggered inspiration into your personal artistic flow.

I’ve always had a passion for creativity. School projects were probably the only thing I ever put any effort into as a kid. When I wasn’t in art class, I would literally just draw on my regular assignments. They meant nothing to me. Those little standardized bubble tests turned into design projects. By the end of high school, my teachers gave up and put me in art class all day.  Another thing that really pushed me deep into the creative underworld and triggered all kinds of inspiration was the fact that I was being always grounded as a child. So thanks Mom for always locking me in my room with nothing to focus on, but jamming some Tool or NIN being a creep and some oil paints. Guess being locked in my room was good for something after all.

2.  Tell us about your creative process. How do you start and where do you gather inspirations from?

My creative process really gets pulled from everything. But to be more specific, I would first say that I spend about an hour trolling soundcloud for fresh mixes. Music highly influences how well I can get zoned in and it really aligns flow within my work.  Other things that have high influence in my work are: Ancient Aliens, Adventure Time, Anime, Animation Domination, Into the Wormhole, Studio Ghibli, Sci-Fi, The book “The Alchemist”, nature, and lucid dreaming.

Dragon’s Keeper


3. Besides painting, are there any other forms of expression in which you engage in? Any new projects you see yourself diving into in the future?

Some other forms of expression in which I engage in are that I enjoy dabbling in.  I love to go out and dance, as I also feel like I am constantly falling in love or in lust – I find all kinds of wonderful creative energy in this. Either my heart is broken and I use that or I have found a new crush. Also, I really love ceramics and anything I can use my hands with. I am very fidgety, so the need to constantly be producing or engaging in movement is critical for me to have peace.  New projects in the horizon? Always! I have new projects for days. I’m getting more into a place in my creative style where I really want to do large murals and do more collaborations.

4. Where did your favorite journey take place and why was it so inspiring? Do you plan on traveling soon?

My most recent adventure to the Bay are was so inspiring. Just loved being around so many like-minded artists as it was truly a magical journey for me. I then came back to Austin and made my way back home to Ouray, Colorado ready to work.  I literally haven’t slowed down after that trip.  Also, I just did Firefly Gatherings in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Just wow!  Feel so blessed to have been apart of that transformational festival.  I really feel that I found NOW and feel beyond inspired for what the world has to offer.  My travel plans are always all over the place….one of my spirit totems is defiantly a butterfly.  But mostly just manifesting more festivals to live paint and create with other artists is a true passion.

5.  What routines/rituals do you engage in/practice to keep clarity of the mind fresh and lively?

Keeping it fresh is the name of the game. Never letting my art get stagnate and constantly pushing for the new new.  I would say dank new beats is a huge part of that.  Getting out alone in nature, long bike rides, running, swimming, yoga, meditation.  An insane amount of caffeine.  Making amazing connections and traveling.

6.  Tell us about your Summer plans and your direction/focus , how/where do to see yourself expanding/growing?

Plans for this summer are to level up, kinda go big or go home.  Producing super quality works.  Just pushing myself to constantly improve and not get stuck on one particular style, color palllte or subject matter.  To date, I am currently creating a ton of little art studies on depth and surrealism.  A constant explosion of ideas… it’s just super fluid and nonstop for me. Stay up late wake up early, crush, dominate.

 Princess Furbalicious


Enjoy Three Desktops: Tourmaline Space King, The Dragon’s Keeper, & Princess Furbalicious

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