Featured Artist: Lattice ~ May

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Featured Artist: Lattice ~ May

Lattice is the brain child of Truman Smurr, residing in S. Lake Tahoe.  This project is a creative space for both his visual art and jewelry fabrications.  With having seven years of experience with creating visual content and engaging in VJing for live shows, he continues to explore and evolve in this medium.  He’s worked on collaborations with Fractaled Visions and the Mindful Massive Crew.  Intrigued by Lattice’s vision, I reached out to discover more of his upbringing, inspirations, tools he creates with, new projects, the creative process, jewelry, and more! Today we are featuring 8 of his digital creations and an Interview, big shout out for creating original content for the Street Ritual logo, displayed here in one of the featured creations.




What is the vision of Lattice? Share the story of your initial inspirations into the fascinating and mind bending world of multimedia in multiple dimensions of psychedelia.

  • Lattice is the combined effort of both my live visual artwork and jewelry fabrication.  Early 2009 I was exposed to a deeper side of psychedelia paving way to live performances featuring some of my artwork.  It all really started when I found an affordable, yet powerful visual software called CogeVJ, made by Tomas Nagy.  In 2010 I started working at The Congress Theater in chicago.  This eventually led to providing visuals for shows and festivals.

You’re also a fabricator! Is this a new project?

  • Yes! I’ve always loved jewelry and with the ease of 3D printing I can now turn my digital meshes into very accurate castings.  It has been an amazing learning experience and I’m really stoked on making more pieces!



Which programs/software do you tap into when manifesting these creations?

  • My choice software has got to be Autodesk Maya for everything while exploring other input sources and paths.  I use it for everything, from base meshes all the way up to fully rigged characters.  I like to use randomly found base mesh generators and feed them into scenes in maya for renders.    I can assemble them in a pleasing way to get the result I’m looking for.  This could be anything from a character or mograph, to a piece of jewelry holding a crystal.   From time to time I will use Zbrush for sculpting, but keep many others on the backburner.  I would have to say my favorite right now has to be Sketchfab for viewing 3D art.  Sending someone and interactive model to their phone is pretty sweet! Finally, with the use of technology such as 3D printers I can obtain a castable mesh to turn into jewelry.  I’m extremely excited to see where this technology leads us.

You engage in mapping projections, create holographic, 3-D posters/flyers, make some pretty cool gifs, and multi dimensional graphics – super creative, congratulations!  How would you like for your vision to further expand into reality?

  • Thank you!  I’ve been really enjoying designing mythical jewelry and visuals that have characters in them.  As the project continues it would be great to develop a timeline to intertwine the two as a story.

Marble 2


What music inspires you?

  • Lately in the studio we have been listening to a lot of Ott, EurythmY, Oneness, and Johnny Blue mixes.  Favorite songs right now have to be Epiphany by DubCOliNG and CataWhompus Rhompus by Nas-Ja.  Shouts out to everybody doing their thing in the psy-dub world inspiring us visual people!

Are you currently working on any new projects?

  • I am currently working on a 10 piece women’s pendant series and prepping some unreleased content for the summer festival season.

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

  • The first is seeing just how dedicated and talented everyone else is to their craft.  The second being the gratitude of concert goers and people who have smiled from being at one of my shows.

Meditation Growth

You can feel a great sense of meditative relief in your creations.  How would you say these evolving, symmetrical, and vivid creations help to bring awareness?

  • The brain loves symmetry since it’s way easier to process.  I think this is conducive to absorbing more detail in your surroundings such that a massive structure of visuals can be taken in at half the rate for full effect.  

Run the creative process/ workflow with us.

  • I usually start with an idea based around a certain mesh with an archetype.  Lately I’ve been making a lot of crystal structures and spherical geometry.  With the piece beginning to mold, I like to start assigning base materials.  Depending on the ideal final product there will be animations added in after materials.  Then I spend quite some time getting the render settings just how I want them.

Mother’s Day

What are some of your current goals?  How would you like to see Lattice grow?

  • I’ve been working alongside Fractaled Visions with our buddies at Mindful Massive who absolutely crush the stage game.  I’d like to see where we can take it by the end of this festival season!

How do you view technology and how/where would you like to see it expand into?

  • Technology is something that can be used to define experiences for the individual, on a broad scale.  I think that it’s undeniably powerful in regards to information.  The speed of technology is awesome, and with VR, it will only be a matter of time before we can share experiences.  Check out the movie Strange Days, it’s going to happen!


Do you know anything about Virtual Reality?

  • I have been experimenting with it and would love to dive deeper in the future!


Share with us your most memorable creative experience.

  • I’ve had so many memories during the production of events over the last 7 years it would be difficult to pinpoint the most memorable.  I love doing visuals at festivals the most, you have so much time to connect to strangers and meet new faces as well as reflect.  I’d put each and every one of those multiple day experiences up there with the best of them.

Street Ritual Logo




Lattice Setup



Also, check out his Sketchfab for virtual 3-d models of his creations:

Marble 3

marble 3
by Lattice
on Sketchfab

Oneness Orb

Oneness Orb
by Lattice
on Sketchfab

Street Ritual

Street Ritual
by Lattice
on Sketchfab

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