Featured Artist: Molly Gardner ~ January

SR-101 Spundose - Relatives
Spundose – Relatives
SR-102 Spoken Bird - Liquid Soul Mantra
Spoken Bird – Liquid Soul Mantra
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Featured Artist: Molly Gardner ~ January


Molly Gardner is a vivid, psychedelic, and evolving painter originating out of Austin Texas, and has transplanted into Denver as of recently.  She uses anything and everything Gaia to inspire her.   Words of wisdom by Molly:  “Nature cannot ever be made better, but it is always a challenge to try and represent it the best I can. I paint abstracted animal and backgrounds, with oils or acrylic on large canvases. Everything around me is a constant source or wonder and inspiration that I am constantly using to try to grow more. I also love color and what it can do for your eyes and mind. I love to evoke emotions in people, usually those of happiness and joy . Bless the world you are in and love those around you. I LOVE YOU.  I do live painting as well. this means I paint at shows such as STS9, Ott ,Shpongletron, Emancipator, Tipper, Michael Menert, Heyoka, Beats Antique and Subswara. Events and Festivals Such as Manifestation Celebration, Envision, Sonic Bloom, Art Outside, nocturnal, and and Gnarnia. I love painting to music with all of everyone’s lovely energies being around me.”

~ Exclusive Interview w/ Molly Gardner ~


1.  How did your art initially evolve into Earth’s atmosphere?  Whom or what initially inspired you to tap into this creative vision through painting?

I moved to San Marcos, Texas for college and during one christmas break was staying with friends in Austin so i didn’t have to go back home for a month. All of the boys in the house worked at a paint store. Knowing I was in art school a the time, for photography, they encouraged me to paint. They brought me all supplies I needed, canvas, any color, brushes, etc. Letting me paint all the walls how ever I please and from then on out I knew painting was my passion.

‘Moving Forward’


2.  I see a great amount of animals, mind’s eye unity, geometric alignments, and colorful explosions in your creations, tell us your alignment with them and the intention behind your visions.

I have always loved animals and been very connected with them. At times, even more than humans. While we too are animals there is definitely a disconnect, and I see that and want to bridge that gap. Color as well I think can display a very powerful message, so with our animal brothers and sisters coupled with the correct usage of color I feel like a very powerful message can be seen. Each painting will connect with a different person, and is meant to be almost a mirror for certain people to connect with certain pieces. Usually with my message I want the view to be happier after they view it than they were before.  Life is too stressful at times and I just want to make people smile!
‘Desert Hearts’

3.  You’re currently living in Denver, Colorado, a recent transplant from Austin, Texas.  How does the overall vision of environment align with both settings?

Austin is one of my favorite places on this earth still to this day. I have a family there i couldn’t even begin to replicate here.  However, since being in Colorado my paintings have grown immensely, I have been able to create and travel with some of the most amazing friends and artists I have met to date. Traveling to Arizona, to California and even back to Texas with these artists it has all taught me so much. Stephen Kruse, Andrew Thompson and I first all traveled together for a festival in California and from there it has snowballed to include so many more amazing friends and painters. Which in turn makes me a better artist , and human. Learning from one another through painting and traveling with one another is something I am so grateful to be able to experience.

 4.  What helps to keep you balanced?

I enjoy traveling to see family, and friends in other states for non painting excursions as well  as for painting. My dad just recently moved to bend and I try to make it to see him 4-5 times a year as well. Making sure I get out to see friends as well and just do non painting activities to help balance out painting and my life and not to get overwhelmed.
‘Parallel Planes’

5.  Are you working on any new projects in or outside of your art?  Where do you see your growth evolving in 2016?

Hopefully I will know soon if I am staying in this house I am in another year, and I want to make raised bed gardens and start learning to be more efficient and off the grid! As well as applying for Grad school at CU Boulder, so one day I can teach college level painting.

6.  What’s is the creative process like?  Where does it all begin?

 For me it usually all begins with an animal totem or idea that I want to fuel the piece. From there I decide colors, and objects , or other ideas that i think would rate a more powerful message that will either relate to my life, or make the image more powerful.
‘Nectar of Life’
NectarofLife (1)

7.  Where would you like to explore.  What’s the next travel phase?

Currently I am saving up to go to South East Asia or Thailand. It is very open ended. As much as I love Colorado, the weather does not suite me . I need some beaches !  I will be traveling to Tuscon to paint Gem and Jam. And in march I will most likely be in California for Serenity and Desert Hearts. Maybe a bit of San Francisco traveling.

8.  What kind of music drives your motivation?  What are you listening to a regular nowadays?

It truly depends on what kind of mood I’m in. If i need to crush out some work in my studio I will put on some kind of funky house mix. But if I am just sitting in my living room I may be listening to folky , rock bluegrass. Such as Austin’s own , Shakey Graves, or Fruition from Portland,OR.

9.  Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I am always open to ideas, although I may not take them I love to hear input! I am also almost always open to commissions of any size!  I love you and hope to meet everyone of you soon and appreciate what you all have to offer to this world.
‘The Hive Mind’
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