Featured Artist: Morphis Art ~ April

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Featured Artist: Morphis Art ~ April

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Christopher, Morphis Art, is a mindful, mesmerizing, vibrant, intriguing, and authentic healing form of expression.  Hailing from Houston, Texas, Christopher is an avid contributor in our artistic and creative community through meditative analysis.  Asides being a featured painter alongside the Grey’s, he has tour with numerous musicians across the nation and presents an unimaginable live presentation as he exemplifies a unique presence, vivid feel, and evolving atmosphere.  Ancient, meditative, temples, evolving phases, & balance can be displayed in many of his art forms.  An in tune and forward thinking individual, Morphis Art, is reaching a new found phase.  Intrigued by his creative presence since 2012, I reached out to Christopher to discover more of his upbringing, inspirations, importance of mindfulness, his creative process, “Morphis Art Collective”, the self, expressions, Anamorphis Art, new projects, & rituals.

“Chris uses painting as a form of meditation that creates a physical manifestation of his conscious and subconscious thoughts.”

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1. What or whom initially inspired you to take a dive into self-reflection through painting, graffiti, and drawing?

  • The first artists that really caught my attention were MC Escher &  Salvador Dali. Then of course Alex Grey is one of the most inspiring painters alive. It was watching Alex paint that inspired me to follow my career as a live performance artist. Along the way I became a big fan of David Garibaldi who is the most well known performance painter of our time at the moment.


2. Tell us a little bit about your upbringing. Where are you from, take us through a daily routine.

  • I was born south of Houston Texas, i grew up there my whole life till i was 18 with my family. My parents ran a pretty strict christian household, and over the years growing up i felt like this wasn’t what i wanted to live like or even believe. rebelling against my parents and society in my teens led to me getting in trouble with the law and school a lot, then I left my home town at 18 and left all that energy behind.

Houston Monk

houston monk SOLO copy

3. We can see a lot of beautiful concepts in your art.  Intertwining the importance of tapping into thyself through meditation, nature, enlightenment, plants, and balance.  How have these tools helped you further your own personal growth?

  • Getting into the mind state of meditation is the easiest way to become mindful of myself and the world around me. I do this through being conscious of how I am breathing and using my breath to relax not only my mind but my thoughts and emotions as well. In this state of mind is where I find solutions, ideas, and visions.


4. Christopher, you’ve entered a profound path.  I have been aware of your art since 2012, have experienced your live paintings, and I can say that your visions and method is very inspiring.  What is your purpose, your mission with your art?

  • I am inspiring the entire world to be more mindful, to create the life they live, and to  love everyone equally as one planet.

The Island Is Alive

the island is alive NAHKO


5. What’s the creative process like?  How does it all begin to flow?

  • I feel like the creative flow is something you build over time by being open minded and through a growing meditation practice. Usually visions will come to me on a clear mind when I’m not searching for them. Once the creative door is open more and more ideas seem to flow.


6. Tell us a little bit more about “Morphis Art Collective”.  Can you dive further into Meditation and sound healing ( by DASHR) sessions you’ve been a part of for over 5 years now on a bi-monthly basis?

  • Morphis Art collective was started as a group of friends and i getting together making plans for live painting performances and as a general business meeting for Morphis Art with a time at the end for meditation on manifesting our plans. Over time we attracted an office space and jobs for everyone so the weekly “business” meeting became a community event, it became a time to teach others how to create their reality and be mindful. We conclude every gathering with a guided group meditation that i lead focusing on using the breath to relax and let go physically, emotionally, and mentally. In 2015 Dashr, who had been attending the meetings for years, began to integrate live sound healing to the experience. Dashr and I also have created an “Intentional Performance” together where we take time for meditation before performing an improv set of Live DJ Production and Live Painting.

Guiding Light

guiding light TYE DYE


7. Share with us the importance of tapping into yourself.  Ideally, that’s where all of our answers/visions are found.

  • This is the most important thing you can do no matter what your are trying to accomplish or create. Clearing distractions and taking time to breath deeply and relax is one of the easiest ways i’ve found to do this.


8. You’re live painting is mesmerizing.  It’s very fluid and filled with profound truth.  Express your feelings as you paint away for 1 – 3 hours on stage, and the results are rapid, inspiring, and a finished result.

  • I really practice not trying to control the painting so much as just letting it be channeled from a power greater than myself. I feel the music is a forces that can move my paintbrush across the canvas in ways I could not come up with myself.

Wake Up

Wake Up copy


9. You’re co-founder at “Anamorphis Art”. Tell us a little bit about this vision!

  • This Project began when i met Ania Amador live painting next to me at a music festival. We talked and realized we both painted quickly and were motivated to make a positive change with our art.  Ania had already been painting live at large scale festivals and I at concerts so we combined our resources and creative energy Anamorphosis Art. This is a whole line of art we created together simultaneous live from start to finish in under a couple of hours. We take time to breath before each performance and then plan the painting together based on our visions. During the performance we channel the energy of the music in ways that create an image with that feeling of the show.


10. You’re currently on tour with Rebelution.  Congratulations!! Big ups man.  Share with us the experience it has been.  Which other artists/bands/musicians have you toured with?

  • Rebelution has supported us so much we are very grateful for them. Many bands have helped us along the way, we align with musicians that are also using their gift to spread messages of consciousness and love for others.

We Are All One Planet

We Are All One Planet copy


11. Are you currently working on any new projects?  Please share if so! 

  • So many! the side projects never end:) were developing the new performance act and that will be the new THING!


12. What are some of your other hobbies? What spiritual rituals do you engage in to help keep a balance?

  • Be at home raising my kids, and spending time with my family. I watch bob ross everyday before meditation and yoga when i wake up.


13. Anything else you would like to share with us?

  • Think with your heart, It’s all in your head.

Crazy Eyes

Crazy Eyes

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