Featured Artist: May ~ Dela

Dubvirus – RNA (DNA Remixed)
Moon Man & Benjamin – Apollo XI
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Featured Artist: May ~ Dela

Dela is a self-taught artist who picked up the brushes in 2003. Nebulas, the female form, Hubble photography, and environmental consciousness play a key role in the message DeLa is trying to convey in his paintings.

The artist first appeared on the San Francisco art scene in March of 2012 at Temple Nightclub. Since then Dela has been relentless in his pursuit of becoming a better painter while at the same time marketing and promoting his work.

Clubs, summer festivals, art walks, renegading on the street and 3 group gallery shows have been the main sources of exposure for Dela.

Dela is well known for his surreal paintings and remarkable use of black and white with contrasting neon colors.


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