Featured Artist: June ~ Devin Harrison

Rebirth – The Silent Hearts
WALA – Smoke Sutra
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Featured Artist: June ~ Devin Harrison

Devin Harrison

We are pleased to feature our artist of the month and the founder of Enkrypted Vision, Devin Harrison. Self-taught, spiritual, and innovative, Devin is not constrained in his methods, ideas, and the 2-dimensional canvas.

Using spray paint, stencils, acrylics, oils, and custom digital designs, Devin challenges the notion of monotonous reality through his artistic portals into transformational dimensions and psychedelic dreamscapes.

Painting frequently around the bay at local shows and festivals, it is not hard to catch Devin live-painting beautiful patterns with themes of spiritual connection. He creates representations of this reality to elevate the people around him to a higher level of consciousness.

His passion in life is to Share the Power of Creation with everyone around him.


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