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Featured Artist: Rezzn8 ~ June

Rezzn8 is the creative alias of Rez who stems from the West Coast out in Oakland, CA. A multifaceted visual artist in worlds of illustration, acrylic painting, mixed media, design, and body painting, she illuminates vivid imagery, energetic atmospheres, layered geometrics, and aligning patterns. An organic feel in present in dream-states that can be found which further an evolving vision. Expressing an imaginative mind from within since childhood days, it’s been a continual passion which remains fresh as of today. A guiding student of the arts, I reached out to her so she could share more of her story with us, and give us a feel of inspirations, insights, projects, and more!

Interview with Rez:


1. Share with us your history as an artist.

I’ve been an artist since childhood. Growing up in a home-school environment, I had ample opportunity for free play and to explore different mediums of expression. My grandmother, who is also an artist, encouraged me by signing me up for art classes as a teenager. My dad taught me how to play with the image manipulation software on an early Macintosh computer, and later in Adobe Photoshop. In my final year of high school, I took AP Studio Art, which introduced me to the concept of building a cohesive portfolio. Throughout my college years I’ve taken various classes at local community colleges, including drawing, painting and 3D design. I began developing my focus in acrylic painting around 2011 / 2012. Subsequently I’ve had the opportunity to do live art at multiple Bay Area events and festivals, and crossed paths with many talented artists whose work continues to inspire me immensely. I will always consider myself to be a student of the arts, learning and creating until the day I die.

2. You’re an illustrator, painter, designer, and body-painter – congratulations on your creative depth.  Which came first?  How would you say each medium helps to further enhance your creativity?

I started out with graphite pencil, practicing drawing and illustration. I loved Lord of the Rings as a teen and drew many portraits of the various characters. My drawings were very light at first, but as I practiced more I began to appreciate darker values. I dabbled with acrylic paint as I got older, and came to appreciate its versatility. Working with body paint was a natural extension of this skill-set, and a fun way to make my art more interactive at events. Each medium has opened up new possibilities and avenues of expression.

A Work in Progress, Detail


3. We can see evolving consciousness, dreamy states, otherworldly aspects, and symmetry in your art. What’s your over intention and message that stems behind your reflection?

My intention behind my art varies from piece to piece, but generally I hope to convey beauty and truth, and to inspire others to stay curious and to create a better future.

4. Are you currently working on any new projects?

Yes! This year I’ve become involved in many collaborative projects. I organized a female mural team called Glitch Coven, and we worked together on a large canvas at Emissions festival, which is still in progress. I’m also collaborating with painters in other countries, and currently preparing unstretched canvas panels to be rolled up and shipped overseas. I also have a piece that I’ve been working on for several months now – I’m taking my time and embracing the process and complexity that comes with multi-layered work.

5. I saw you posted something about Virtual Reality the other day.  Is this a field that you would like to explore more?

Yes, absolutely! Last month at the Maker Faire I had the opportunity to play with Google’s Tilt Brush, which is basically painting in a 3D virtual reality space. The experience was fully immersive, and by using two hand-held controllers I had the capability to design my own environment. Just by pushing a button I could paint a blazing arch of fire right before my eyes, or dot glittering stars above my head, or write my name in glowing cursive and view it from all angles. I look forward to the day when VR is cheaper and more ubiquitous, as I believe it holds massive potential for creators.

Zac’s Sunset


6. Asides all mentioned above, what are some of your other hobbies?

I enjoy riding my bike around the East Bay area, reading (particularly science fiction), urban exploration to find street art and murals, and discovering and curating art online. I work as a caregiver and as a nanny, and I feel lucky to have found families that I jive with, wholeheartedly.

7. What would you like to achieve in a lifetime?

That’s a pretty big question! I intend to keep creating, of course. I’d also like to become more involved in educational reformation / activism. I believe there are countless fields that would improve if our school system were modernized and more tailored to the individual. I’m not sure specifically where my abilities fit in just yet, but enacting positive change is definitely a top priority. I’d like to inspire more people to pursue art and science.

8. Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

My artistic inspirations are countless, but a few that come to mind: Ruth Asawa, Zaha Hadid, Mario “Mars-1” Martinez, Tomas Saraceno, H.R. Giger, Dennis Konstantin, Zdzisław Beksiński, Ana Mendieta, C.T. Nelson, Hueman, the Lords graffiti crew (Nychos, Griffin, Doty, & more), James Jean, Moebius, and Joshua Mays.

Belly Art


9. What’s your favorite body-painting you feel you’ve engaged in? Why?

My favorite body paint session involved painting a radiant sunrise scene and forest of trees on my friend’s pregnant belly, because it was a blessing and celebration of new life. A close second might be when I had the opportunity to paint for a circus troop on New Years Eve – I painted a spiral checkered design on the face of one of my dear friends, and it was just so much fun.

10. Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I’d like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to share this planet with all you humaliens. Life as we know it is so improbable, and yet we not only exist but also possess the capability to love and uplift one another. Let’s make it count!



13316830_10154911913218047_8915286043368980289_o (1)

Tiger Face Paint

rez_bodyart_1 (1)

Circus Facepaint


Astral Metropolis




Official Bio:

Based in Oakland, CA, Rez creates acrylic paintings and mixed media art to play upon ideas concerned with inner psyche, futurism, and the nature of consciousness, drawing inspiration from dream-states, science fiction, and urban-Gothic aesthetics. She has recently studied painting and sculptural / installation artwork at Berkeley City College, and has current residency at ActivSpace studios in West Berkeley.

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