Featured Artists: Bild & Elaine Alonzo ~ November

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Featured Artists: Bild & Elaine Alonzo ~ November


North meets South in this collaborative duo, Bild & Elaine Alonzo, holding space in Austin, Texas. Both full time artists are heavily involved in the area’s art scene, bringing flavors and variances to the ever evolving bustle and culture of their surrounding.  In a sea of so many artisans truly pushing their craft, Elaine and Bild leave a footprint that is exquisite and unique in the floor and pathway of perception.

Elaine herself hails from Austin. Being scripted in many mediums, she excels in acryllics, while dabbling and pushing her creative outlets in everything from Jewelry making, creating collages, and mapping the far reaches of her mind in pencil, colored pencil, marker, india ink, oil paint and beyond. Etheric worlds can be seen dribbling through expansive energy constructs in her work.  Self proclaimed “Unorthodoxian Geometrist Jason ‘Bild’ Smith, comes crashing into view bringing with him vivid waves of cubelike renderings, transmechanized into the soup of reality and his own limitless subconscious. He can be found painting live locally at shows and festivals as well as around the country. Existing in the 3D realm, Bild can be found leaving crystalline offerings he builds in large scale every now and then at gatherings he finds a random teleportation module to.  Today we are featuring 6 of their collaborations, also be sure to check out the interview below!

Chant Downchantdowneditjpg

1] Give me a little introductory glimpse into your stories. Where you were born and what led into exploring the creative outlets you are pushing today. When did the itch arise to chase a certain artistic expression?

elaine – I was born and raised in Austin, TX. My mother had an extremely musical background and my father is an illustrator/painter in his spare time, all three of my siblings are also heavily into the arts and music – they all had a huge creative influence on me growing up. Ever since I can remember I have been artistic and mostly self-taught. Painting is my main creative outlet at this time, but I still do lots of other things, so I wouldn’t really say that I am after one certain artistic expression.

bild – Where I was born has nothing to do with who I am as an artist because my family back then was military. I moved around a lot as a youngin, but was primarily brought up in Maine. I drew a lot as a kid and my mom loves to tell stories of me as a baby, painting walls with my poop. I’ve moved on since those days but still don’t feel like I am after any certain form of expression. I prefer to be building things, but problems with my hands have forced me into a more painterly way these days.


2] There are so many themes present in both your work. From geometric sub structuring and forms plucked from shamanic dreams, mechanical realms of alternative dimension, to seemingly floating metaphors hidden as image foraying a spectrum of emotions, where do you pull the most inspiration? I noticed you are working on a few series now. Is there something specific you want to portray to onlookers?

We are both inspired by pretty much everything – nature, music, people, life. The reason we enjoy live performance painting especially, is the opportunity for inspiration to come in new and unexpected ways due to being immersed in such a stimulating and dynamic system. Our newest series entitled ‘COMM_UNIT_E_2330’ is a 3 part series we did for Art Outside. It portrays an alternate future where the Russians won the cold war and colonized Mars. The palette is limited to rusty reds and browns, fire, and flesh tones. It has an odd warm, welcoming feeling, while at the same time being a bit disconcerting.


3] Any recent big life changes or accomplishments, travels. That have melded into you and fueled the internal fire? What is a normal day in the life? Do you have any hobbies, or deepset passions other than art?

We both agree that the biggest accomplishment we have both been able to achieve most recently in our lives that fuels our art, is being able to maintain a relationship with each other while also spending all of our time working together. Painting together every day and learning from each other has brought about a new way of looking at our art; that is what is really fueling us right now, discovering the possibilities that exist as a couple. Art is our only real hobby, and our primary day to day activity… we both use multiple mediums to create, it doesn’t feel like we are doing the same thing all the time at all… we also have one crazy dog, a pet dragon, and a bunch of plants we obsess over.

4] I have noticed both of you dabble in multimedia some, should we be keeping our eyes peeled for anything in particular? Possibly some new constructions, projects or ventures?

bild- I would definitely be on the lookout for more collaborative paintings from us… I am also in the process of constructing the next level of my geometric crystalline installations. I am looking to have this version finished sometime early 2016. At that point I will take it around on the festival circuit. Not going to give you any details about it right now, but it is much more intense than any installations you have seen from me previously.

elaine- I have several ideas of creating intricate 3D sculptures/mobiles using a wide variety of objects, mixed mediums, and of course, using bild’s influence.


5] What message are you hoping to share to the world, If you could give a synoptic tag to your artistic timeline and story. Your message to speak? If you were the message.

elaine- Step out of your everyday routines and play!

bild- whatever forever kevin

6] How has collaborating and diving into projects as a team pushed you and made you think. Is there a connectivity and co-symmetry you are experiencing that allows you to script these ideas seamlessly as this dualic entity, that sort of takes on a singular note? I feel like when I am watching you both the lines are blurred and its sort of one bubble Im experiencing with a whirlwind of energy being thrown around me in the most intricate linguistics.

It was pretty difficult at first, it was hard for me (bild) to give up any control, our first two collaborative paintings (‘Assimilation’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’) demonstrate this pretty well. Our third piece ‘Chant Down’ was where we started to flow more cohesively, as opposed to battling over ideas and space. It gets progressively easier with every painting. Let’s just say that the seamless entity you are observing is not what we experience most of the time. There are transcendent moments of self at the best of times, and the frequency of the occurrences is increasing. We are both learning to let the other in, and we steal ideas/techniques from each other often, so we are both growing as artists much faster than we were when we were apart.

Sweet Dreamssweetdreams5jpg

7] What are your feelings on this sort of Neo-Renaissance of like thinkers and scribes of conscious energy that is making its stamp within the masses of society. Are we upon a new transition? A grand awakening so to speak? What will you do with this process and how will you use it to further yourself in your creation and immortal remembrance.

We’d like to think that we are at a transition I suppose… but the reality is that we see changes all across the board. Both negative and positive. There are a lot of people out there using this opportunity to create glorious beautiful things, but there are also a lot of people who are still stuck in negative modes. I guess our job is to inspire others to create more, and with our work, to immerse them into a fantastical world where they can temporarily forget about everything, or think about anything – the experience is personal to the observer. We will continue to feed off of all of our experiences and surroundings to extend our understanding of our art as deep as possible.

bild- Immortal remembrance? This beard tho.

elaine- that beard tho.

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