Featured Artist : September ~ Glyphix

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Featured Artist : September ~ Glyphix


Seeping up through the realms of dreams and ancient energy ebbs the artwork of Glyphix. Hailing from the deep forests of Canada this explorer of expression quantifies feelings, essences from surrounding, as well as remnants of ancient knowledge from his own mind to script flowing and transdimensional messages that speak to, and connect with the viewer. Taking influence from everything from Native American art to archaic symbols and glyphs, subconscious code creeps to the forefront of the minds eye. This artist is not new to the Street Ritual label, having designed several album covers for label artists including Nas – Ja, Totemic, as well as crafting the artwork for the Global Glitch compilation.  Using creation as a basis for existing, Glyphix incorporates nuances from the seemingly normal and everyday, as well as from self, meshing them organically into translative mixed media masterpieces which titillate and enthrall the subconscious.

Jungle Spiritus’

Jungle Spiritus

1. First off. where did you get your start artistically? and tell me a little about you growing up. Where were you born and raised?

I first started drawing in high school when I was bored in class. I distinctly remember doodling instead of doing math problems and also on my tests. I grew up in Victoria BC and first took art classes at Victoria High school. I remember being particularly inspired by Native Art of the Pacific Northwest and feel it had a very strong influence on me at an early age.

2. Ok so, the name Glyphix? Explain that a little more for me. Where does it find its roots? I do notice the word Glyph comes to light there. 

Glyphix is a play on the word Hieroglyphics … It found its roots in my early “Visionary Experiments” In heightened states sometimes I would look at the walls and see letters on everything, languages of light & rainbows underneath my eyelids. Its also based from the power in symbolism and dreams.

3. I have been looking more into your art lately and was curious if these works are manifested more from the mind, through dreams or lucid states, or do you intake inspiration from your surrounding and transcribe it into expression. What are some ways in which you would describe or give a better understanding of the offerings?

I noticed that when I travel, I create different artwork. Definitely taking inspiration from my surroundings but more in a subconscious way. Everything is very abstract and each image I create can relate differently to each Viewer. I feel like my artwork reflects nature in its deep symbolism, similar to the way people feel they are being shown things in dreams.

‘Metabolic 12x’


4. What are some projects you have been at work on this year that you are excited for? Either to present to the masses or just to complete?

I have recently put a lot of focus into putting my designs on clothing. Everything I have created is very pattern based. Im working on some new designs for the 2016 line, Mixing photography with my personal drawings. Things are refining and becoming more clear for me, so I’m stoked to see how it all turns out!

5. Are there certain messages or emotive symbols you try to present in your work? Much of it does seem, cellular, and growthlike, as if to be a basis of communication one can connect with on a visual level.

I’m going to have to say NO. I personally consider my work to be “Anti-Conceptual” meaning; I do not intend to portray emotive symbols or any messages at all. Although I know the messages and symbols are present, I leave this to each viewer to explore as a reflection of their own soul. I feel my artwork is more connected to Neo Shamanism, Creating a gateway or portal in which people can communicate with nature and the spirit world directly. This connection personally has nothing to do with my dreams and visions, however it is all inseparable.

6. Aside from creating and digital art, what other types of media or hobbies would you say draw your passion or creativity and drive?

Most of my art is digital mixed media; meaning that I take images from my sketchbook and remix them in photoshop. All my graphic design stuff is all created from my own drawings and photography as well, so really its not as digital as it may seem. Aside from that I’m also working on levelling up my photography game because I find a lot of inspiration going into nature, to places I have never been. When I capture these places in photos it fuels and inspires all the other work that I do! Also its a nice break from my normal practise of creation.



7. What keeps your creativity engaged? and allows the symbols to flow through you?

I personally choose to worship the mystery of life. I make a point to connect to new people in new situations, switch things up, look at things from a new angle, go places I’ve never been, observe landscapes, artwork, people. Im learning how to create a life of constant growth and change while still remaining connected to the important parts of my personal history.

8. What is the meaning of life right now? and what does life entail for you at the current moment?

Our minds are constantly trying to create meaning, from the waking life to dreams. I find this process interesting but unnecessary. I choose more to focus on the experiences I’m having and make sure to fully love and remember them all! I just recently made a huge life switch and decided to come to Berlin, Germany to celebrate my 27th birthday; to connect and explore as much as possible! I just settled into this new flow and I’m enjoying it very much. Ive been living in the woods in Canada for years so my spirit was craving an urban experience. I don’t exactly know why but I was never called to live in any other city! There must be something interesting I will discover in my time here.

9. As a closing statement, What do you feel is the reason why people should pick up a painbrush, take an art class, build a sculpture and express themselves through art? What does it do for the soul?

Life is creation, if we want to truly live and participate in the act of life we must also create. Sharing is caring. I feel it connects us all.

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