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Hood Prism$ – Light Me Up



Proudly representing the Pacific NW and Bay Area, Hood Prisms newest release Light Me Up is the freshest take on Trap & Glitch music entertainment. Taking a step back from the rowdy & robotic conventions of its genre, Light Me Up takes a subtle approach of bringing the music back to its roots with strong 808’s and clean Bass Lines that are sure to encapsulate. “Light Me Up” the featured track on this release will take ahold of your core and bring you right back to that solemn place in your heart only to be interrupted by a thick boom that will keep you moving the entire time.

Hood Prisms & friends made sure to create melodic lines and grooves that take you on a journey through the roots of Hip Hop and its clash with its electronic counterparts. Dance floor bombs and booty shaking grooves are all part of the extensive package of Light Me Up, Hood Prisms release is available for digital download on Street Ritual Records.

Tiger Fresh and Exodub have come together as one to create the music monster duo, Hood Prisms. Hood Prisms is a west coast based production/Dj collaboration infusing hood savvy eccentric underground Omni tempo bass music. They have come together to break the mold of traditional genres all the while using the “two heads are better than one method” to create mind blowing masterpieces.

Hood Prisms infused thoughts come to life through the speakers, and you can hear all the meticulous work put into the sweet release of each track. Their style is redefining the glitch and trap genres, Hood Prisms is ushering in a new era in the electronic music industry and they are here to stay.


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