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Illuminertia – Energy Eternal



Illuminertia is a creative umbrella for electronic music releases created by Eric “Modean” Mantras who is currently resident DJ for the Ecstatic Dance event held every sunday 10AM-12PM at the Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto, CA. The music itself is essentially bass music layered with meditative, hypnotic melodies. This genre morphing production is hovering at it own frequency and if we have to sum it up in one word it would be innovative. It’s medium to up tempo rhythmically speaking but the melodic elements are inspired by every type of genre under the sun.

There are elements of break beat, tribal, glitch hop, IDM, & world throughout but the title track of the latest Energy Eternal EP could be classified as cinematic drum & bass. Illuminertia is teaming up with Street Ritual for an official release July, 2013. This is a pivotal release for Modean who believes that music is a constantly evolving process that can transcend all category. The unifying theme would be the deep love of music itself & the limitless possibilities of today’s electronic music production tools.

Illuminertia is a genre defying musical journey through lush innovative bass music blended with seductive melodic instrumentation inspired by musical traditions from all over the planet. The latest release Energy Eternal takes listeners on an uplifting as well as relaxing electronic meets organic auditory adventure that merges traditional elements from the far east with cinematic orchestral components of the west. With a song like ‘Cloud Buster’ it’s like you’re being seduced by a gorgeous mythical belly dancer inside a colorful Moroccan palace, while a song like ‘Gonzo’ might evoke the sensation that you’re soaring through the sunlit clouds alongside polyphonic renaissance violins layered over a bombastic hypnotic 808 drum beat. ‘Momentous Occasion’ and ‘Dowapaa’ are a genre morphing rhythmically charged tracks that combine the best of soulful African & Arabic female vocals with explosive break beats and tribal drumming.

Foundation is a blissful bass infused interpretation of dub music layered with styles of the ancient masters. Either way you’re getting an album that taps into the richness of world musical heritage but also does well to leave it’s own unique legacy in the history of dance floor stimulating bass tunes. Ultimately it is the contrast between the ultra tight precision of digital production combined with the soulful human elements that make this musical creation something that will definitely stand the test of time.

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