jOBOT – Sweet & Low

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jOBOT – Sweet & Low

Headtron’s much-lauded disciple brings his long-awaited debut EP to the table with bold flourishes of squishy, syncopated low end and sparkling, pulsating rhythms. His lifelong love affairs with jazz and funk music shine through in each finger-snappin’ groove, paying homage to his many years of training as a bass player. After discovering Warp Records’ catalog in 2008, Joe Wendt was transformed into the mighty jOBOT, fusing his newfound love of glitchy technology and meticulous edits with the strong musical background and live performance realm. Although he’s chosen to showcase solely instrumental bursts of creativity, a live jOBOT show often includes his smoky, whiskey-tinged vocals. As part of the electronica group Continuum, his live bass slams solidly to hold down the pocket, and this debut EP is tinged with similar psychedelic, trance and breakbeat influences. Cleanly sculpted, swirling with organic performance, melody-sprinkled and above all funk-slapping, this EP is a tantalizing teaser for the massive and multi-faceted output that this talented musician has only yet to unleash. Available now on Addictech.

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