Knowa Knowone – Champagne and Kittens

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Knowa Knowone – Champagne and Kittens

Knowa Knowone - Champagne and Kittens


The perfect complement to the two best things ever is this new album, jointly released on Street Ritual and 1320 Records, by Oakland-based glitch-hop pioneer Knowa Knowone. Furry, fizzy and bubbly, with cute little sharp teeth – this gently savage beast might leave you drunk, bitten, or scratched. Silky smooth synth leads are tastefully woven between heavy, minimalistic rhythm parts and bangin’ beats. Spanning the spectrum of glitch and hip hop, with tasteful forays into funk, soul and latin rhythms, this is a confident tribute to life in the East Bay. And if you miss the point of it all, the subtleties of the delicate sparkling textures within – rest be assured that the meaty slabs of bass will slam against your head. Collaborations with some of California’s finest provide a hearty seasoning of the range of elements rampant in West Coast bass music. Fresh from a sold-out run on the Turkish wedding circuit, and rocking flip flops in Brazil, Knowa’s new EP is a tribute to hyphy hedonism and booty-shaking psychedelic crunk, in the consistently original style of one of the West Coast’s most innovative producers.

SR-020 – Knowa Knowone – Champagne and Kittens by Street_Ritual