Moon Man & Benjamin – Apollo XI

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Moon Man & Benjamin – Apollo XI

Ayani Hayashi and Joey Nygaard both found a love for electronic music production at a young age. With a professional bluegrass guitarist for a father, Joey Nygaard grew up playing clarinet and drums. His interests, however, shifted to the melodies and complexities of bass music. Ayani Hayashi taught himself electric bass by playing along to thrash metal bands like Slayer and Megadeth. His love for audio and sound experimentation led him to the world of synthesizers and sound design. The two worked as solo artists for a few years to develop their individual styles, sharing their findings in technique and process. During the summer of 2012, they finally decided to team up and create a production duo, combining Ayani’s atmospheric trip hop sound with Joey’s punchy, heavy hitting glitch hop to create the space funky vibe of Moon Man and Benjamin.

In their debut EP, ‘Apollo XI’, Moon Man & Benjamin’s adventures take them all across the glitch hop spectrum. The Bay area based duo serves punchy snares over bass growls with a plethora of melodies. Each track is unique and yet all manage to strike the perfect balance between the heavy hitting rhythms of bass music and the jazzy funky fresh vibes of classic hip hop. Each track brings a new vibe and unheard sounds, surprising the listener again and again. This release is undoubtedly fresh and is guaranteed to become a favorite for all the glitch hop lovers. Strap in, and get ready for take off. No gravity glitch take off!

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