Nicoluminous – Bass Muze

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Nicoluminous – Bass Muze

The hip hop, beat boxing and instrumentation of Nicoluminous has taken form in synthesizers and drum machines for his second official release, Bass Muze.  Beats and bass dive through the sonic landscape in glorious pristine west coast flavor, shined up like some hundred spoke 13″ gold wire rims on an amphibious moon buggy.  Nico’s got the juice, the fiyah, the dirty girdy if you will.  Don’t sleep on the super belly bass bizzle.  It’s for rizzle…all inspired by the low end, just in time for you favorite speaker freakin’ summer festival.

Download Nico’s take on “Me Against the World” by 2Pac, aptly titled “Souljah Crunk” here:

<a href="">Me Against the World :: Souljah Crunk by Street Ritual</a>

1)      Bass Muze
2)      Belly Funk
3)      Bass Bizzle
4)      Souljah Crunk
5)      Battery Juice
6)      Dirty Girdy
7)      Carpet Ride
8)      Keep the FiYa!!!
9)      Toki Dub
10)    Sinewaves for Mermaids