Pericles – Serpentine

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Pericles – Serpentine

Serpentine’ is an offering of the very latest transmissions of ‘Ancient Desert’, the signature Future Bass Music style of PERICLES. With roots reaching deep into ancient tribal ceremony, and traveling deeper yet into the primordial ooze of Pre-Cambrian consciousness, ‘Serpentine’ is a sharing of subsonic mythology from a unique mystical world imagined by PERICLES.

“Since beginning this project on the East Coast in 2007, Ella Pericles has produced and performed her unique flavor of future bass music known as ‘Ancient Desert’ through labels like Vermin Street, Gravitas Recordings, Abstract Logic Recordings, Waveform Modulations, with music on compilations alongside Aligning Minds, Nit Grit, Mochipet, Freddy Todd, Andreillen, and many more.

Joining Charleston, SC live electronics group CHRONICLES OF THE LANDSQUID in 2010, Ella extensively toured clubs, festivals, and burns gatherings of the east coast and nation with premier 21st century electronic acts such as Shpongle, Ott, The New Deal, Nasty Nasty, Pretty Lights, Eprom, Two Fresh, Big Gigantic, and Bassnectar among others.

Having relocated to the Bay Area in summer 2013, PERICLES is now alchemizing the vibrations of the ‘Ancient Desert’ into even more fun and imaginative dimensions.

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