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Phoenix Rising – Apaulo8

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Phoenix Rising is an album long time coming. Its shows the progression of Apaulo8 from poet, to lyricst, to MC and more. Its also shows the range and extent of his support and care for the music community around him, with cameos from all over the musical landscape. The album itself is mellow, feelgood and introspective, with a few heavy hitters that will get even the most skeptical hiphop listener’s head nodding. Recorded over the last 5 years, the album is itself as much a story of its creators as of anything.

Apaulo started recording songs on Phoenix Rising when he met World Essense (then composed of Souleye, Knowa Knowone, Sydefx, SleepyHead, and Arie Red Tree) and recorded “Sworn Poems”, a feel good political song, produced by Dj Nykon. It was then continued later while doing more music with this crew, and kicking it with Astro Blak they did the catchy and all too California track “Got Weed”, which of course had good response in SoCal with its easy going irie vibe. Sighpurone was good friend who worked on the album doing the track More Amazing which has a banging and raw 90’s hip hop punch line feel,  produced by Lucid One. Lucid One also did the artwork as well as Jam Moatzart. After that the album was put on the back burner so Apaulo could focus on his live music projects until he met Main Flow who was doing  tracks with Dj Lethal (House of Pain) and he managened to swoop on one of those beats. They did the extremly exposing and controversal track,  Depleted Uranium, and shot a music video for that song with Vital Films. This new energy inspired him to finish the album with the help of others included in the album, Dr. Merkaba, Mr Ceezzo, Justin Werner, LucidOne, Knowa Knowone and Mnemonic.. It was all brought back into the lab, and adding pieces together, the album was finished, a final coup, getting Ibo Rodruguiz to do the finished mix.

So thus the Phoenix was Risen, mixing up good times with sunny sundays, underground hip hop beats and lyrical greatness from some of the West Coast’s best.