Critical Beats vs. Govinda

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Critical Beats vs. Govinda

Govinda and Street Ritual team up with Critical Beats and musicians from the Amazon to raise awareness and funds for  rainforest preservation.

Track #1 “Teacher Calling”: Govinda creates a timeless, beautiful track that weaves field recordings gathered from Peru that  include: 1) the voice of a Shipibo Elder in the Amazon singing in her endangered native language, praying that her language will continue on 2) flute from a native medicine healer living in Cusco 3) percussion from a native living in the Sacred Valley (rain sticks and more), and 4) Shipibo children living in the Amazon jungle outside of Iquitos – these children participate in an  environmental program to learn how to care for the rainforest sustainably (provided by the organization ACEER).  The song interweaves the many voices of the Amazon, the modern world, and organizations dedicated to the Amazon, in a united effort to create awareness and action toward forest preservation. Beyond words, the music speaks for itself.

Track #2 “The Xavante”:  The Xavante, an Indigenous Brazilian tribe resisting soy expansion onto their territories and a Rainforest Action Network Protect-an-Acre grant recipient, have recently shared their traditional music with Critical Beats and Govinda in an attempt to raise funds for Amazon protection.  The result: a historical, cross-cultural collaboration that combines the ancient ceremonial sounds of the Xavante with the modern electronic virtuosity of Govinda.  This music is truly one of a kind, intended to connect listeners to the hearts and prayers of the Xavante and inspire them to join in the struggle to support Indigenous rights and their territories.

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