SR-018 – Miroslav Losonsky – As You Were, Dear Tremor

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SR-018 – Miroslav Losonsky – As You Were, Dear Tremor

As You Were, Dear Tremor

As You Were, Dear Tremor
Like a hidden, coveted pirate’s treasure, this meticulously crafted four-track EP is a triumphant meeting of highbrow musicality and flawless engineering, arranged painstakingly by this mysterious Czech-American artist. Incredibly secretive and equally reticent to share his creative expressions, Miroslav has been producing for a decade and playing instruments for nearly twice as long. First inspired by the Kraftwerk and Stockhausen LPs in his father’s collection and further influenced by classical, jazz, folk and ambient, Miroslav’s music is delicate beauty expressing a life of increasing withdrawal, stitched into a patchwork quilt of organic noises and sculpted synthesis. The joyous bubbles of “Neanderthal” rise and fall with ethereal precision, perfectly dissolving into the languid chords, lazy summer funk and glitchy zippered percussion of “Lilac”. “Terminal” is a brooding day, sketched with soaring breaths and a heavy, melancholic edge. Outro’s quiet sunrise is a fitting moment of meditation to contemplate this haunting and breathtaking journey.

“Making music is my attempt to cope with the world, since I so often fail to understand it,” says Miroslav; yet with this unique EP, he illuminates our own comprehension of the universe.

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SR-018 – Miroslav Losonsky – As You Were, Dear Tremor by Street_Ritual