SR-023 – Joe Mousepad vs Glitch

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SR-023 – Joe Mousepad vs Glitch

Street Ritual is thrilled to present this unique all-star collaboration centered around lyrical mastermind Joe Mousepad. With his trademark subtlety, stunning wordplay, elaborate live FX and deep, introspective content, Joe bats for a new team of MC; a humble human instrument interwoven flawlessly with beats.

This EP is a long-overdue labor of love, born from the realization that Joe’s vaults were stacked with unused acapellas – it seemed only natural to gather a cornucopia of our favorite producers on the market to help bring his carefully crafted words to life. Every color of the modern bass rainbow shines bright – kicking off with Miroslav‘s intricate IDM; running deep and crunk with Nico Luminous and Knowa Knowone; slumping and glitching with that classic Freddy Todd LA-meets-Detroit vibe; grinding midtempo funk from Canada’s; a little drumstep-influenced grime from ill-esha; the merciless thunder of Vinja at 100bpm; some bubbly sawtooth dubstep contributions from Stephan Jacobs & ChrisB. and Elfkowitz; a little witch house/drag from Benito, and finally some classic old-school breaks from fellow East-Coaster Ali Berger. As a bonus, those who purchase the whole album will be pleasantly surprised to receive the equally bangin’ instrumentals for free!

Often touted as “the MC for those who hate MCs”, Joe is a regular, well-loved guest on many of your favorite producer’s sets; he has performed with artists such as Mochipet, Stephan Jacobs, Freddy Todd, Mux Mool, Mndsgn, Knxwledge, Benito, and ill-esha at respected club nights and festivals such as Change the Beat, Resonate, Low End Theory, SXSW and Lightning in a Bottle. First expressing his musicality through percussion, it was natural for Joe to be drawn into electronic music through hip-hop and drum & bass, making his first appearances in the Boston area before relocating to San Francisco. No slouch on the production front either, his collab EP with Slowspines under Origami Pyramid was recently released on midwest beat label Deepblip Records to critical acclaim.

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1 ) Miroslav Losonsky vs Joe Mousepad – SLAMit
2 ) Nico Luminous vs Joe Mousepad – Transcendental
3 ) Knowa Knowone vs Joe Mousepad – Metaverse
4 ) Freddy Todd vs Joe Mousepad – Blasterpiece
5 ) vs Joe Mousepad – 12 O’Clock Rock
6 ) ill-esha vs Joe Mousepad – Chicken Scratch
7 ) Vinja vs Joe Mousepad – Xenakis
8 ) Stephan Jacobs & ChrisB. vs Joe Mousepad – Flux Capacitor
9 ) Elfkowitz vs Joe Mousepad – 12 O’Clock Rock
10 ) – Benito vs Joe Mousepad – Ikkibon
11 ) – Ali Berger vs Joe Mousepad – Muteheart

Joe Mousepad vs Glitch – EP Sampler – (SR-023) by joemousepad