Through The Streets – 009 – The mechanist

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The mechanist – Sector N-707
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Through The Streets – 009 – The mechanist


Through The Streets – 009 – The mechanist

Presenting our 9th edition of our new mix series, ‘ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛʀᴇᴇᴛs’. This volume features ‘The mechanist’, an Italian producer with futuristic textures and heavy syncopated rhythms. This is a promo mix featuring an experimental, heavy street bass taste in prepare for his forthcoming release with us during mid October 2016. Experience tons of originals, unreleased forthcomings, more unreleased, and official remixes.

Active since 2007, previously member of Gears of tears and Broken Collab Program. From mid 2013 The mechanist pushes “street bass” through his solo project based on future bass sounds & post-dubstep influences. Live set and on-stage performances are enriched with realtime generated audio-interactive visuals.



1. The mechanist – Rigel [from upcoming album Sector N-707]
2. The mechanist – 7 [from album Perceive and deflect]
3. The mechanist – Dissect concept [from album Perceive and deflect]
4. Techronix x Killerkraut – Doomed state (The mechanist Remix) [unreleased]
5. The mechanist – Arae [from upcoming album Sector N-707]
6. – Dunk Ryders feat. Trick Daddy – Fuck tha other side (The mechanist Remix) [unreleased]
7. The mechanist – Neodelic [from album Mechanisms]
8. The mechanist – 414 [from album Perceive and deflect]
9. Hurricane Chris feat. Big Poppa – The hand clap (The mechanist Remix) [unreleased]
10. The mechanist – In the clash [from album Perceive and deflect]
11. The mechanist – Clutches implied [from album Mechanisms]
12. The mechanist – No force to decipher [from album Perceive and deflect]
13. The mechanist – Convey [from album Perceive and deflect]
14. The mechanist – Formalhaut [unreleased]