SugarBeats – Cherry Bomb

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Sugar Beats Cherry Bomb


     SugarBeats does it again, bringing you an auditory experience filled with bass, funk, and rhythm. ‘Cherry Bomb’ will leave you feeling like you’re high on candy; happy, excited and ready to dance. This high energy EP will tickle your sweet tooth, encompassiong a wide range of styles including funk, soul, hip-hop, jazz and glitch hop. Embark on this ride and be delighted by a colorful soundscape of glitched out bass music.

Here to bring you the candy coated, syrupy sounds your sweet tooth can’t live without, SugarBeats is a collage of styles and flavors. Born from a collaboration between producers Golden Toast and Badmath, SugarBeats is the culmination of years of skill sharpening and experimentation.

This experimental element remains evident in the large range of styles between songs, as well as the quirky or unexpected twists and happy accidents that emerge from the songwriting process. Inspired by the notion that music should be fun for the body and nourishing for the soul, Toast and Badmath re-imagined the hip hop styles they developed during high school together into the bouncy, bass heavy funk that it is today.

Bringing all the skills and knowledge acquired apart, the duo has finally reunited to bring you bass heavy, funk fueled, glitch riddled grooves for your hungry ears to consume.