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Smigonaut – Through The Streets 024

LISTEN NOW | FREE DOWNLOAD Smigonaut is the brainchild of Josh Kipersztok, a musician hailing from Seattle and living in Boston. He has been composing and producing his own tunes for over seven years now, in a number of different styles that still manage to encompass a sound all his own. His unique rhythmic sense, coupled with unpredictable yet catchy melodies and basslines, have garnered Smigonaut as an artist to […]
SR-140 Planewalker - Planes of Consciousness [Street Ritual]

Planewalker – Planes of Consciousness

LISTEN NOW Planewalker’s full length album invites you on a cosmic journey to higher ‘Planes of Consciousness’. The Planewalker experience combines the best elements of the ancient and the futuristic; balancing impeccable production with tribal rituals and sacred invocations. With deep bass these rhythms guide listeners towards a mystical, otherworldly audio encounter. More on Planewalker >>

Orenda – Dhyana

islands of the blessed cover

Sonic Geometry – Sunken Cities (ft. Second Species ) [ Premiere]

  Sonic Geometry – Sunken Cities (feat. Second Species) – [ Premiere ] on March 7th, 2016. On March 15th, 2016, Sonic Geometry will be releasing his first official debut EP, “Islands of the Blessed”, on Street Ritual. A departure from SG’s previous singles of rock-fueled, glitch & electro-funk, Sonic G takes us on a chillout and psychedelic expedition into an astral dive where an amalgamation of deep sub […]

Through the Streets – 005 – TekTite

Presenting our 4th edition of our new mix series titled, ‘ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛʀᴇᴇᴛs’. This series features TekTite!  He is the bass slinging alter ego of Santa Cruz native, Matthew Wolfe. Inspired by the constant creativity and gorgeous natural landscapes he was surrounded by during his time at UCSC, as well as his strong connection to jazz, hip-hop, and psychedelic rock, he focused his musical interests on DJing. Soon after, TekTite was […]
Street Ritual_Short Stories

Toy Box – Short Stories

Toy Box releases “Short Stories” EP on Street Ritual! Experience a futuristic chillout vibe fused in with acoustics and organic flavors filled with depth, quality, and balance. Four tracks display melodic captures as vocals and instrumentation create clarity hailing from Denver, CO. These soundscapes create ambient atmospheres of elegant composition and trigger a calming effect that leads through melodic measures. Carter fuses in his mandolin, making for an overall progression […]

NICO LUMINOUS – Slow Bounce [Free Download]

Label and Agency artist, Nico Luminous just dropped a free download last week, April 9th, Slow Bounce!  A chillout trap vibe is present making for a sexy smooth ride.  Enjoy a free download and keep your eyes pealed as he’s been on that passion grind flow and will be sharing with us more music! Slow Bounce by nico luminous Also, be sure to check out his latest album release on […]

Artist Support: Darkwhyte – Shades EP

Darkwhyte released their debut album, Shades, on Bandcamp on 12/02/2014 and it’s an experimental exposure of sonic venture into shades of pigmentations of varying escapes.  Asher Fulero and Julian Fritz’s new collaboration project is a new vision of thought made possible by the combination of music knowledge and experience withheld by each artist.  Long time friends, they come from a wide-range of understanding of sound as each have taken upon varying musical projects […]

Hang in Balance – Lisn (Remixes and Originals)

Lisn [Remixes & Originals] by Hang in Balance The “Hang in Balance Remixes” release stems from the original creation, “Lisn”, by London’s eclectic composer, Daniel Waples and friends, aka “Hang in Balance”. This release extends into full illumination by showcasing mind-boggling electronic remixes freshly created by seven innovative bass, experimental, and downtempo producers dispersed from the West Coast and Mid Coast of the U.S. nation: DubCOliNG, Animatronix, Conscious Kalling, GRiDWORK, […]
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The Human Experience – Harmonic Transformation

“Harmonic Transformation” is a synesthetic explosion on the senses.  David Block invites you on a 14 track mind expanding sonic journey into his human experience.  The album is a sensual, passionate, imaginative exploration of global beats, dreamlike soundscapes, organic instrumentation and yummy bass. Having spent the year of 2010 playing, creating and collaborating around the world, the sound of “The Human Experience” continues to evolve.  The followup to his debut […]