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imagiNative EP – niceFingers

  niceFingers brings a fat chunk of chilled out space funk with their new EP, ‘imagiNative’. The team of Nick Waterhouse & Dave Schneider have crafted us a dreamy collection of glitched out beats, sultry vocals, warm bass, and melancholy melodies; giving rise to an addictive aural journey listeners will embark upon again and again. With this unique mix of organic rhythm and heavy bass, the EP flows like the waves in […]
As You Were, Dear Tremor

SR-018 – Miroslav Losonsky – As You Were, Dear Tremor

Like a hidden, coveted pirate’s treasure, this meticulously crafted four-track EP is a triumphant meeting of highbrow musicality and flawless engineering, arranged painstakingly by this mysterious Czech-American artist. Incredibly secretive and equally reticent to share his creative expressions, Miroslav has been producing for a decade and playing instruments for nearly twice as long. First inspired by the Kraftwerk and Stockhausen LPs in his father’s collection and further influenced by classical, […]
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The Human Experience – Harmonic Transformation

“Harmonic Transformation” is a synesthetic explosion on the senses.  David Block invites you on a 14 track mind expanding sonic journey into his human experience.  The album is a sensual, passionate, imaginative exploration of global beats, dreamlike soundscapes, organic instrumentation and yummy bass. Having spent the year of 2010 playing, creating and collaborating around the world, the sound of “The Human Experience” continues to evolve.  The followup to his debut […]
Artwork Sunrize in LA

Nico Luminous – Sunrize in LA – LOVESTEP

The second Street Ritual release from West Coast producer Nico Luminous wraps gorgeous ambient textures around a dizzying array of bubbling bass, exotic riffs, and 8-bit funk. Moving swiftly between haunting samples and intricate sound design, Nico takes us to a journey beyond his physical relocation from Portland to LA; an emotional landscape of beautifully fragile human elements laced up in a strong, synthetic framework. Tasteful glitching is sprinkled throughout […]