SS17 - Path of the Moose - Serial (ARTWORK)

Path of the Moose – Serial

LISTEN NOW Path of the Moose is a side project of DRRTYWULVZ and Know Matter based out of Austin, TX. This halftime banger hits hard and showcases the diversity of the project; pulling the best elements from several different genres. This project has been on the down low for a while, but they’ve been spotted playing clubs and festivals more and more this year. After dialing in their sounds over […]

Smigonaut – Constructs

LISTEN HERE Street Ritual is proud to present our debut release with Smigonaut. “Constructs” showcases a wide array of styles while maintaining a distinct and fresh feel. With an exciting take on glitch-hop; this EP hits hard with a modern yet classic feel. Sharp and funky basslines keep you surprised thoughout; keep your eyes on Smigonaut. More Smigonaut >>

Beak Nasty – Spilling the Void

LISTEN NOW Beak Nasty‘s ‘Spilling the Void’ has a little bit of funk for everyone. With a smooth hip-hop flavor and a psychedelic finish, this release envelops listeners into a dreamy melodic state. Hailing from Denver, these Minneapolis natives are no newcomers to writing seductive basslines. Turntablist and producer Ryland Sabien, along with drum master Phil Ade, reference various genres throughout including trap, glitch-hop, and chill-out. All the while, sure […]
SR-140 Planewalker - Planes of Consciousness [Street Ritual]

Planewalker – Planes of Consciousness

LISTEN NOW Planewalker’s full length album invites you on a cosmic journey to higher ‘Planes of Consciousness’. The Planewalker experience combines the best elements of the ancient and the futuristic; balancing impeccable production with tribal rituals and sacred invocations. With deep bass these rhythms guide listeners towards a mystical, otherworldly audio encounter. More on Planewalker >>

Duffrey – Booted [Free Download]

Released September 23, 2015, Duffrey has self-released “Booted” – a 4-track EP composed of a bunch of remixes of classic songs such as “Give Me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman, “Roads” by Portishead, “Slow Wind” by R.Kelly, and “The Boy is Mine” by Brandy and Monica. Fusing funky, glitchy, squishy, bass-fueled soundscapes, Woody reveals depth like never before.  Intertwined within them are smooth R&B feels and lyrical intentions, a tasty and […]

Support Shamanic Technology’s Indiegogo Project

We could not be more honored to help spread the word about Shamanic Technology’s latest Indiegogo Campaign. ‘Shadow Work’ is a Double L.P. that needs YOUR help to come alive. Learn more HERE! If you’ve heard Shamanic Technology’s beats before, you know we are in for a treat, but what you do not know is the scope of diversity we will hear in this album. With influences from a wide-range of electronic […]

Big Joe Daddy – A few of my friends Vol.1

Big Joe Daddy releases “A Few Of My Friends Vol. 1”, an electrifying mind-altering sonic splash which unfolds intricately through multiple unifying elemental twists and blends. An everlasting glitch-hop atmosphere is thematic within the 5 tracks as he incorporates grime beats, breaks, intriguingly melodic rhythms, funk hops, deep bass lines, and brass/synth instrumentation of all sorts making him a creative producer with a vivid imagination – an otherworldly-galactic storyteller. Amalgamations […]

Futexture – Safeword [Free Download]

  Futexture drops ‘Safeword’; brings you on a funky, midtempo journey with organic textures and future vibes.   Soundcloud: Facebook:   Futexture – Safeword [Free Download] by Futexture

Duffrey – Staring Into Space

Staring Into Space, Duffrey’s Debut Release, is an exploration of deep space by way of squishy, crunchy glitch with a heavy spoonful of lurk. This ethereal journey will take you from the dark, dank woods to the farthest reaches of the multiverse to a land filled with howling wolves and dancing gnomes. And you’ll still be home for dinner. Intelligent highs and grimey lows bring you on a full scape […]

Moon Man & Benjamin – Apollo XI

Ayani Hayashi and Joey Nygaard both found a love for electronic music production at a young age. With a professional bluegrass guitarist for a father, Joey Nygaard grew up playing clarinet and drums. His interests, however, shifted to the melodies and complexities of bass music. Ayani Hayashi taught himself electric bass by playing along to thrash metal bands like Slayer and Megadeth. His love for audio and sound experimentation led […]