future bass


Smigonaut – Constructs

LISTEN HERE Street Ritual is proud to present our debut release with Smigonaut. “Constructs” showcases a wide array of styles while maintaining a distinct and fresh feel. With an exciting take on glitch-hop; this EP hits hard with a modern yet classic feel. Sharp and funky basslines keep you surprised thoughout; keep your eyes on Smigonaut. More Smigonaut >> soundcloud.com/smigonaut www.facebook.com/smigonaut/ www.instagram.com/lesmigonaut/ twitter.com/smigonaut

Stephan Jacobs & Pockitz – Holdin It Down

Holdin It Down’ is the stirring collaboration from pioneering electronic producers Stephan Jacobs & Pockitz. Capturing multi-genre vibrations spanning from flavors of trap, melodic dubstep, future bass and more; this story is an uplifting vibe for everybody. Each of the 3 tracks reflects fine production and are fused with emotive movement through exquisite melodies and lyrical radiance. Featuring vocalists Talia Bentson & Neaks, Holdin It Down, is a refreshing auditory […]

Through The Streets – 009 – The mechanist

Through The Streets – 009 – The mechanist Presenting our 9th edition of our new mix series, ‘ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛʀᴇᴇᴛs’. This volume features ‘The mechanist’, an Italian producer with futuristic textures and heavy syncopated rhythms. This is a promo mix featuring an experimental, heavy street bass taste in prepare for his forthcoming release with us during mid October 2016. Experience tons of originals, unreleased forthcomings, more unreleased, and official remixes. Active […]
Acceleration EP - Cover artwork

BomBassic – Gato Negro

Street Ritual Exclusive Single – ‘Gato Negro‘ by BomBassic! Free Download! “Superstitions surrounding the black cat or gato negro have allured humans for ages. In Egypt they were worshipped, in France they were despised. In the case of BomBassic, this creature represents inspiration.”  “Gato Negro” Exclusive Single Released February 23rd 2016 on Street Ritual. This single stems off their upcoming self-release EP, Acceleration, the Asheville-based duo’s debut single, “Gato Negro”, features […]

NICO LUMINOUS – Slow Bounce [Free Download]

Label and Agency artist, Nico Luminous just dropped a free download last week, April 9th, Slow Bounce!  A chillout trap vibe is present making for a sexy smooth ride.  Enjoy a free download and keep your eyes pealed as he’s been on that passion grind flow and will be sharing with us more music! Slow Bounce by nico luminous Also, be sure to check out his latest album release on […]

Futexture – Safeword [Free Download]

  Futexture drops ‘Safeword’; brings you on a funky, midtempo journey with organic textures and future vibes.   Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/futexture Facebook: www.facebook.com/Futexture   Futexture – Safeword [Free Download] by Futexture

Pericles – Snakewise

Serpentine’ is an offering of the very latest transmissions of ‘Ancient Desert’, the signature Future Bass Music style of PERICLES. With roots reaching deep into ancient tribal ceremony, and traveling deeper yet into the primordial ooze of Pre-Cambrian consciousness, ‘Serpentine’ is a sharing of subsonic mythology from a unique mystical world imagined by PERICLES. “Since beginning this project on the East Coast in 2007, Ella Pericles has produced and performed […]

WALA – Smoke Sutra

  WALA’s ‘Smoke Sutra’ brings you around the world and back. With a relaxing vibe and intelligent beats, these sounds have an eastern flavor that is both enticing and sexy.. This musical journey will leave you satisfied in more ways than one. Infusing all dimensions of percussion and glitch-hop, this diverse collection of tracks appeals to everyone. With incredibly energy and Bay Area roots, Wala’s ‘Smoke Sutra’ is just the […]