Beak Nasty – Spilling the Void

LISTEN NOW Beak Nasty‘s ‘Spilling the Void’ has a little bit of funk for everyone. With a smooth hip-hop flavor and a psychedelic finish, this release envelops listeners into a dreamy melodic state. Hailing from Denver, these Minneapolis natives are no newcomers to writing seductive basslines. Turntablist and producer Ryland Sabien, along with drum master Phil Ade, reference various genres throughout including trap, glitch-hop, and chill-out. All the while, sure […]
SR-133 2birds - Katani [Street Ritual] copy

2birds – Katani

Katani by 2birds
Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight - Knowa Lusion Remix Cover

Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight ( Knowa Lusion Remix )

SR-130 Secret Recipe - Sunken Treasures [Street Ritual]

Secret Recipe – Sunken Treasures

Sunken Treasures by Secret Recipe
SR-129 Pacific Patterns - Purple Garden [Street Ritual]

Pacific Patterns – Purple Garden

Purple Garden by Pacific Patterns
Acceleration EP - Cover artwork

BomBassic – Gato Negro

Street Ritual Exclusive Single – ‘Gato Negro‘ by BomBassic! Free Download! “Superstitions surrounding the black cat or gato negro have allured humans for ages. In Egypt they were worshipped, in France they were despised. In the case of BomBassic, this creature represents inspiration.”  “Gato Negro” Exclusive Single Released February 23rd 2016 on Street Ritual. This single stems off their upcoming self-release EP, Acceleration, the Asheville-based duo’s debut single, “Gato Negro”, features […]
Street Ritual_Short Stories

Toy Box – Short Stories

Toy Box releases “Short Stories” EP on Street Ritual! Experience a futuristic chillout vibe fused in with acoustics and organic flavors filled with depth, quality, and balance. Four tracks display melodic captures as vocals and instrumentation create clarity hailing from Denver, CO. These soundscapes create ambient atmospheres of elegant composition and trigger a calming effect that leads through melodic measures. Carter fuses in his mandolin, making for an overall progression […]
Sugar Beats Cherry Bomb

SugarBeats – Cherry Bomb

<< GET IT NOW ON ADDICTECH >>      SugarBeats does it again, bringing you an auditory experience filled with bass, funk, and rhythm. ‘Cherry Bomb’ will leave you feeling like you’re high on candy; happy, excited and ready to dance. This high energy EP will tickle your sweet tooth, encompassiong a wide range of styles including funk, soul, hip-hop, jazz and glitch hop. Embark on this ride and be […]
Thriftworks ZenZero Web Headernew

Thriftworks – ZenZero LP – Future Hip Hop

We are very proud to present a brand new artist by the name of Thriftworks. Hailing from the Bay Area by way of Pennsylvania, his sound is a refreshing breath of air in a smoggy and overpolluted bass music landscape. Blending hints of jazz and soul with innovative sampling and resynthesis, Thriftworks walks the line between slap-happy loose and ultra-tight, crisply snapping and deeply grinding. With an undercurrent of that […]