taboo - VGNX

VGNX – taboo

Bay Area producer, VGNX, fuses future and hip hop atmospheres with ‘taboo’ released on Street Ritual. Illuminating high-voltage bass and sexy melodies; this album has a little bit of everything for lovers of bass music. Each track cuts through solid depth of originality while igniting movement from the listener and revealing a lush and unique style. taboo by VGNX

MettāKin – Öneironåutic

MettāKin releases ‘Öneironåutic’, drawing from a unique assortment of genres and different dub infused world beats. MettāKin captures listeners through his composition and rich dreamscapes, bringing an eerie yet emotive vibration. This UK native flushes this album with funk-fueled bass lines and captivating percussive leads. Öneironåutic by MettāKin
World That We Order (Hi-Res)

Spundose – World That We Order

DRRTYWULVZ - Ah Yes - Artwork


  DRRTYWULVZ releases his first full length album, Ah Yes, on Street Ritual. An awe-inspiring 11-track masterpiece emerges into surface filled with deep bass which fluctuates through mind melting dubs, electrifying glitch grooves, and trickling melodies. Psychedelia, enigma, and synthesizer metamorphosis dominates the feel of this journey as each texture encapsulates a sound so fresh, organic, and imaginative. It flows through a flare found through a forest of fractalizing waves […]
Detox Unit - The Abyss [Street Ritual]

Detox Unit – The Abyss

  Detox Unit – The Abyss by Detox Unit Detox Unit releases his debut, The Abyss. Joseph Roberts provides an experimental and chillout dose of fresh and captivating sound design which furthers one into a hypnotic state. Fueled through heavy bass, synthesizer magic, enigmatic dub, and percussive leads, all four tracks takes the listener into a psychedelic journey through unique composition. Prepare to flourish into an elevated state of being […]

wassuop – Sunset Architect

wassuop – Sunset Architect by wassuop wassuop releases his debut, Sunset Architect, with Street Ritual. A futuristic, glitch and psychedelic bass gem, Patrick gives us a stylistic outlook through mind bending and crunchy sound design. Featuring 4 original tracks and a remix of Duffrey’s “Third Eye Vision”, this feel is captivating through emotive melodies. Title track, “Sunset Architect”, paints us a sonic palette of synth freshness with rhythmic and melodic […]
HullabaloO - Underneath the Oak Tree [Street Ritual]-

HullabaloO – Under the Oak Tree

Under the Oak Tree by HullabaloO An electronica album composed of 6 progressive glitch illuminations, he provides a psychedelic vision through thought-provoking blends, jaw-dropping rhythms, scintillating yet punchy beats, and melodically eerie grooves. Feels of electronic glitch, bass, and idm provide awe-inspiring balance through intricate textures, sporadic vocals, & splendid composition – it’s a harmonic alignment. One can feel the piano fuse magically into beats that collide and glisten into […]
Dubcoling Through The Streets Final 1920 (1)

Through the Streets – 007 – DubCOliNG [ Extended Mix ]

ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛʀᴇᴇᴛs – 007 – DubCOliNG Presenting our 7th edition of our new mix series titled, ‘ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛʀᴇᴇᴛs’. This series features DubCOling, an intriguing , fresh, and eclectic bass producer, turntablist, and dj who has established a deep root in Reggae, Hip Hop, and World Music. Colin Tucker brings an extended 2 hour extended mix with feels of psychedelic, midtempo, world, chill, funky, glitch hop frequencies featuring unreleased […]
SR 106 Art Of Fact - The Crow, The Witch and The Fallen

Art Of Fact – The Crow, The Witch, and The Fallen

 The Crow, The Witch and The Fallen by Art Of Fact Art of Fact releases ‘The Crow, The Witch, and The Fallen’ on Street Ritual! Experience an experimental craft of lucid magic as Taylor intertwines west coast bass, glitch hop, & trap frequencies. He unleashes a series of mesmerizing jazzy melodies, scintillating synth leads, and deep bass within each feel creating an intriguing composition as each beat creates resonance. It’s […]
Pliz Beats Album Cover

Pilz Beats – Lysergic Summer Depths

Lysergic Summer Depths by Pilz Beats Pilz Beatz’s “Lysergic Summer Depths” is a groove into a vivid and ever-changing presentation . This release features “Sippin’ on Dreams”, a funky bass & lyrical hip-hop fusion revolving around soul & instrumental lush, “Aikya”, a galactic bass feel with percussive & synth leads, electro-soul yet grimey glitch with “Floating in Sentience”, chillout atmospheres, future funk feels, and lively yet psychedelic dub-soul advancements. Fusing […]