Smigonaut – Constructs

LISTEN HERE Street Ritual is proud to present our debut release with Smigonaut. “Constructs” showcases a wide array of styles while maintaining a distinct and fresh feel. With an exciting take on glitch-hop; this EP hits hard with a modern yet classic feel. Sharp and funky basslines keep you surprised thoughout; keep your eyes on Smigonaut. More Smigonaut >>
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Smigonaut – Through The Streets 024

LISTEN NOW | FREE DOWNLOAD Smigonaut is the brainchild of Josh Kipersztok, a musician hailing from Seattle and living in Boston. He has been composing and producing his own tunes for over seven years now, in a number of different styles that still manage to encompass a sound all his own. His unique rhythmic sense, coupled with unpredictable yet catchy melodies and basslines, have garnered Smigonaut as an artist to […]
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Win Street Ritual’s Discography for FREE

Happy Holidays! Our 100th release is arriving in 2016! We want to thank all of the producers we’ve worked with for their faith in our label & our mission to support the most cutting-edge & innovative underground bass music being created. We also must give it up for all of our fans / listeners who make it all possible by offering our ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY (100 releases) in MP3 format FOR […]

Matt Pleztrom – Spoor of the Hidden

Matt Pleztrom releases ‘Spoor of the Hidden’ on Street Ritual.  Led by mysteriously dark glitch-hop, hard hitting basslines, intricate patterns, drum & bass, and an overall psychedelic bass approach with intriguing amalgamations and element variety, he captures a chemical response of atmospheres beyond thought through experimental taste.  A midtempo vibe is present as vibrant melodies ignite portals through bass-fueled and grimey leads as rhythms present themselves naturally.  A crescendo feel […]

Intermixture – Dynamic Interactivity

Released September 2014, Dynamic Interactivity is here stimulate and tingle your groove senses and boggle your mind. After 8 months of rigorous studio work from the duo, this album can be the very heart and soul of the Intermixture idea; to explore every possibility of what music is capable of. Each track takes turns being led at times by true instrumentation and then by synthesized instruments, harnessing the raw energy […]

El Diablo – Ghosts of the Dead

El Diablo, hailing from San Francisco, has established himself as an innovative producer in the West Coast bass music scene. A true experimentalist of dubstep, glitch-hop, and trap, he’s not afraid to dive into explorations of new territories, essentially creating his own spin in auditory sensations. With previously having ground-breaking releases, he’s back with a whole new twist of fresh and futuristic bass escapes into infinity. El Diablo’s “Ghosts of […]
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Taproot EP – Plantrae

Plantrae is an intricate, energetic and biotic sound experience originating deep in the rainforests of oregon. It is composed of a bass rooted, stretchy midtempo foundation and live viola improvisation that embodies the lively spirit of classical, swing and folk. Seeking to unite organic melody and intricate electronics, Plantrae also encourages the listener to delve deep into the humyn ethos, back to a time when we lived as one with […]

We Create Fire EP – Knowa Knowone

  The long awaited “We Create Fire” EP out for free download December 10th proves to be nothing short of tantalizing, seductive, and hott; and that’s all just in the first few beats. Out on Street Ritual, “We Create Fire” brings the heat to your ears and spreads like rapid-fire. Oakland-based Knowa Knowone delivers you a 6 track EP filled with red hot glitch beats and a variety of tempos to keep […]

Knowa Lusion & Glitch Hop

Who is Knowa Lusion and WTF happened to Knowa Knowone? I know it seems like I’ve come down with Multiple Personality Disorder (especially to my Facebook friends), but there’s a method to the madness, here’s the whole story: When I was about 16 and got my first set of turntables, I decided that I would go by DJ Knowone, because it sounded like my given name Noah, but had that […]
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Thriftworks – ZenZero LP – Future Hip Hop

We are very proud to present a brand new artist by the name of Thriftworks. Hailing from the Bay Area by way of Pennsylvania, his sound is a refreshing breath of air in a smoggy and overpolluted bass music landscape. Blending hints of jazz and soul with innovative sampling and resynthesis, Thriftworks walks the line between slap-happy loose and ultra-tight, crisply snapping and deeply grinding. With an undercurrent of that […]