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Beak Nasty – Spilling the Void

LISTEN NOW Beak Nasty‘s ‘Spilling the Void’ has a little bit of funk for everyone. With a smooth hip-hop flavor and a psychedelic finish, this release envelops listeners into a dreamy melodic state. Hailing from Denver, these Minneapolis natives are no newcomers to writing seductive basslines. Turntablist and producer Ryland Sabien, along with drum master Phil Ade, reference various genres throughout including trap, glitch-hop, and chill-out. All the while, sure […]
taboo - VGNX

VGNX – taboo

Bay Area producer, VGNX, fuses future and hip hop atmospheres with ‘taboo’ released on Street Ritual. Illuminating high-voltage bass and sexy melodies; this album has a little bit of everything for lovers of bass music. Each track cuts through solid depth of originality while igniting movement from the listener and revealing a lush and unique style. taboo by VGNX

Through the Streets – Noetik (the Alchemist) – 020 – Mix Series

Presenting our 20th edition of our mix series, ‘ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛʀᴇᴇᴛs’. This volume features Bay Area music producer, turntablist, poet, and instrumentalist, Noetik (the Alchemist). Fusing a hypnotizing blend of lush beats rooted in Hip Hop culture and fine instrumentation, he unleashes a powerful feel of nourishing grooves. Journey into a universal unification as he tells a story through deep drums, deep lyrical messages, multi-genre bass, reggae, future, and dubstep vibes. […]
Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight - Knowa Lusion Remix Cover

Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight ( Knowa Lusion Remix )


Noetik the Alchemist – Bamboo by the Bay

Bamboo by the Bay by Noetik the Alchemist

Noetik the Alchemist shares a deep story [ Exclusive Interview ]

Alchemical beat maker and instrumentalist, Noetik the Alchemist, is a flourishing artist currently based in the Bay Area.  Gathering his inspirations from within and throughout all his journey travels, Noetik found home through deep exploration.  Fusing mesmerizing beats with nourishing melodies through the Xiao flute and various other world instruments such as the tablas, he brings forth a culture fused deep, lush, and exotic vibes and collaboration through “Bamboo by the […]

Through the Streets – Duffrey – 016


Nico Luminous – EZ-EZ [ Free Download ]

Nico Luminous dropped a dope future bass and chilltrap inspired tune fused in a hip-hop vibe – EZ-EZ ( on his bandcamp).   A leader in sexy bass, Nico continues to push that west coast sound we all love.  He furthers to illuminate originality and inspires through his hip hop roots.  Beautiful art resonance by Mugwort Designs! Scope it out! FREE DOWNLOAD! EZ-EZ by nico luminous Stay Connected with Nico Luminous
SR-102 Spoken Bird - Liquid Soul Mantra

Spoken Bird – Liquid Soul Mantra

Spoken Bird releases “Liquid Soul Mantra”, a 3-track future bass escape through glitch hop swerves, mysteriously enticing melodies, hip-hop fusions, & a signature taste of dope-fresh. A laser atmosphere is felt through bass as one can feel an emerging journey, a meditation through mantras revealing nocturnal moments of clarity. Liquid Soul Mantra is a glitch sailboat, your body is the boat, your soul is sitting in the boat, and the […]

Moon Man & Benjamin – Apollo XI

Ayani Hayashi and Joey Nygaard both found a love for electronic music production at a young age. With a professional bluegrass guitarist for a father, Joey Nygaard grew up playing clarinet and drums. His interests, however, shifted to the melodies and complexities of bass music. Ayani Hayashi taught himself electric bass by playing along to thrash metal bands like Slayer and Megadeth. His love for audio and sound experimentation led […]