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World That We Order (Hi-Res)

Spundose – World That We Order

islands of the blessed cover

Sonic Geometry – Islands of the Blessed

  Sonic Geometry ( Denver, CO ) releases his first official debut EP, “Islands of the Blessed”, on Street Ritual. A departure from SG’s previous singles of rock-fueled, glitch & electro-funk, Sonic G takes us on a chillout and psychedelic expedition into an astral dive where an amalgamation of deep sub bass, exotic melodies, rich textures, alluring rhythms, & guitar leads come to life. Echoing, layered, & aquatic atmospheres reveal […]

Knowa Lusion – Press Da Break

Knowa Lusion – Press Da Break [ Exclusive Single ] for FREE Download! Reggae, Tribal Trap, Twerk vibes!  Enjoy some booty shaking bass and some instrumental guitar playing by Know himself.  It’s an experimental taste with shanti vibes in the atmosphere.

Featured Jewelry Artist: Future Artifacts ~ February

Kirk Runyon, aka: Future Artifacts is a mesmerizing, talented, and ever-evolving Jewelry artist, a Divine Metalsmith stemming from the blossoming atmosphere and creative peak that is Austin, Texas.  Following his intuition and paving the path of inner discovery, Kirk’s eyes fell to the love of his friend’s pendant in 2007.  Soon after, Kirk began to craft his own jewelry! Touring during festival season opened many opportunities as he synchronized with […]
Acceleration EP - Cover artwork

BomBassic – Gato Negro

Street Ritual Exclusive Single – ‘Gato Negro‘ by BomBassic! Free Download! “Superstitions surrounding the black cat or gato negro have allured humans for ages. In Egypt they were worshipped, in France they were despised. In the case of BomBassic, this creature represents inspiration.”  “Gato Negro” Exclusive Single Released February 23rd 2016 on Street Ritual. This single stems off their upcoming self-release EP, Acceleration, the Asheville-based duo’s debut single, “Gato Negro”, features […]

Through the Streets – 005 – TekTite

Presenting our 4th edition of our new mix series titled, ‘ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛʀᴇᴇᴛs’. This series features TekTite!  He is the bass slinging alter ego of Santa Cruz native, Matthew Wolfe. Inspired by the constant creativity and gorgeous natural landscapes he was surrounded by during his time at UCSC, as well as his strong connection to jazz, hip-hop, and psychedelic rock, he focused his musical interests on DJing. Soon after, TekTite was […]

Featured Artist: Christian Rodriguez ~ February

The Art of Christian Amadeus Rodriguez “CAR” is a master at his craft. His works capture extreme points of monolithic esoteric dreams and exoskeletal realms of the imagination thrashed with spices from the new age and true world. As a native from San Antonio, he dabbles in the glyphs and information hidden within the layering of his surrounding, every culture, every draw-point and symbolically expresses them in endless articulated jargon […]

Straight Up! Music features Street Ritual Artists

Straight Up! Music has a new compilation,“Straight Up chilled Beats!”, and it features Street Ritual artists, Knowa Lusion, The Human Experience, Devin Kroes, and Rhythmstar! Glitch Hop! Vol. 13 ! “This compilations is designed to provide you with some of the most exciting and vibrating chilled beats coming for some of the best artists on this genre.” Knowa Lusion & The Human Experience – Lazer Dreams (Original Mix) Devin Kroes – Give […]
Full Smack - Album Art

2 Guys On Acid – Full Smack

2 Guys On Acid release ‘Full Smack’ on Street Ritual, their 4-track debut EP! Experience an experimental & psychedelic journey through leading glitch and bass explorations. Incorporating rhythmic grooves, hard hitting bass, fresh composition, and mind boggling sound design, ‘Full Smack’ will reveal a unique collaborative expedition. A lucid and elaborate imagination brings to reality possibility through exhilarating crescendos, multi-tempo transitions, synth magic, and layered textures! Prepare for a limitless […]
SQUARE _ artwork

Big Joe Daddy – Clown Car

A fresh exclusive new tune, FREE Download courtesy of Big Joe Daddy & Street Ritual.  Artwork: Phoenix Myers-Wisgirda Follow Big Joe Daddy on Soundcloud @dj-big-joe-daddy Stay Connected w/ Big Joe Daddy