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Featured Artist: DROPLITZ ~ April 2017

Today, we have the honor of featuring Visual Artist, DROPLITZ.  Hailing from Denver, he’s quite the creator in both audio and visual atmospheres.  His art displays awe inspiring visions full of psychedelia, nature, geometric depth, and much more.  Focusing on both canvas and murals, John has created a promising existence of creative explorations.  DROPLITZ experiences synesthesia, which triggers a connection with audio and visual experiences and blends them to further […]
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Featured Artist: Gabriel Welch ( Omeka ) ~ September [ Symbiosis Exclusive ]

Gabriel Welch, Omeka, is a stylistic yet futuristic artist existing before the human experience on 23rd of September, was born in Visalia, CA into a family of artistic clowns. Inspired by comic-book life around him, he became a young illustrator. He taught himself how to pencil, ink, and color by pulling a Plato-Aristotle learning concept as he generated ideas from the Masters of the comic craft, and thus, put his own […]

Featured Artist: Rezzn8 ~ June

Rezzn8 is the creative alias of Rez who stems from the West Coast out in Oakland, CA. A multifaceted visual artist in worlds of illustration, acrylic painting, mixed media, design, and body painting, she illuminates vivid imagery, energetic atmospheres, layered geometrics, and aligning patterns. An organic feel in present in dream-states that can be found which further an evolving vision. Expressing an imaginative mind from within since childhood days, it’s been […]

Featured Artist: Lattice ~ May

Lattice is the brain child of Truman Smurr, residing in S. Lake Tahoe.  This project is a creative space for both his visual art and jewelry fabrications.  With having seven years of experience with creating visual content and engaging in VJing for live shows, he continues to explore and evolve in this medium.  He’s worked on collaborations with Fractaled Visions and the Mindful Massive Crew.  Intrigued by Lattice’s vision, I reached […]
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Featured Artist: Morphis Art ~ April

Christopher, Morphis Art, is a mindful, mesmerizing, vibrant, intriguing, and authentic healing form of expression.  Hailing from Houston, Texas, Christopher is an avid contributor in our artistic and creative community through meditative analysis.  Asides being a featured painter alongside the Grey’s, he has tour with numerous musicians across the nation and presents an unimaginable live presentation as he exemplifies a unique presence, vivid feel, and evolving atmosphere.  Ancient, meditative, temples, evolving […]

Featured Artist: Christian Rodriguez ~ February

The Art of Christian Amadeus Rodriguez “CAR” is a master at his craft. His works capture extreme points of monolithic esoteric dreams and exoskeletal realms of the imagination thrashed with spices from the new age and true world. As a native from San Antonio, he dabbles in the glyphs and information hidden within the layering of his surrounding, every culture, every draw-point and symbolically expresses them in endless articulated jargon […]

Featured Artist: Molly Gardner ~ January

Molly Gardner is a vivid, psychedelic, and evolving painter originating out of Austin Texas, and has transplanted into Denver as of recently.  She uses anything and everything Gaia to inspire her.   Words of wisdom by Molly:  “Nature cannot ever be made better, but it is always a challenge to try and represent it the best I can. I paint abstracted animal and backgrounds, with oils or acrylic on large canvases. Everything […]

Featured Artist: Sam Farrand ~ December

Sam Farrand launched his work publicly at his successful art opening “Resonance” in Spring of 2012. With the rise of social networking, early on Sam was able to establish a few important contacts which would play a very important part in exposing his art to the art world that Sam was about to tread course in. Only after 3 weeks of his art opening Sam’s work went national having his […]

Featured Artist: Kaliptus ~ October

Kaliptus (Born April 16, 1984 in Lisbon, Portugal) is a NY/NJ graduate artist from SVA with a BFA in animation and an MFA in computer art.  He uses painting, film, motion graphics, animation, stop-motion, video-mixing, multimedia, interactive arts, installations and more to express ideas that are usually surreal, visionary and vital to the philosophies and understandings of the human consciousness. Kaliptus has been commissioned to work on projects for Alex […]

Featured Artist : September ~ Glyphix

Seeping up through the realms of dreams and ancient energy ebbs the artwork of Glyphix. Hailing from the deep forests of Canada this explorer of expression quantifies feelings, essences from surrounding, as well as remnants of ancient knowledge from his own mind to script flowing and transdimensional messages that speak to, and connect with the viewer. Taking influence from everything from Native American art to archaic symbols and glyphs, subconscious […]