Visual Arts Division


Featured Artist: Sam Farrand ~ December

Sam Farrand launched his work publicly at his successful art opening “Resonance” in Spring of 2012. With the rise of social networking, early on Sam was able to establish a few important contacts which would play a very important part in exposing his art to the art world that Sam was about to tread course in. Only after 3 weeks of his art opening Sam’s work went national having his […]

Featured Artists: Bild & Elaine Alonzo ~ November

North meets South in this collaborative duo, Bild & Elaine Alonzo, holding space in Austin, Texas. Both full time artists are heavily involved in the area’s art scene, bringing flavors and variances to the ever evolving bustle and culture of their surrounding.  In a sea of so many artisans truly pushing their craft, Elaine and Bild leave a footprint that is exquisite and unique in the floor and pathway of […]

Featured Artist: Kaliptus ~ October

Kaliptus (Born April 16, 1984 in Lisbon, Portugal) is a NY/NJ graduate artist from SVA with a BFA in animation and an MFA in computer art.  He uses painting, film, motion graphics, animation, stop-motion, video-mixing, multimedia, interactive arts, installations and more to express ideas that are usually surreal, visionary and vital to the philosophies and understandings of the human consciousness. Kaliptus has been commissioned to work on projects for Alex […]

Featured Artist : September ~ Glyphix

Seeping up through the realms of dreams and ancient energy ebbs the artwork of Glyphix. Hailing from the deep forests of Canada this explorer of expression quantifies feelings, essences from surrounding, as well as remnants of ancient knowledge from his own mind to script flowing and transdimensional messages that speak to, and connect with the viewer. Taking influence from everything from Native American art to archaic symbols and glyphs, subconscious […]

Featured Artist: June ~ Lizard A Baggett

Elizabeth Baggett aka: Lizard A Baggett has created and discovered herself through her mind’s eye. She exposes her imagination through her creation of studio art, live painting, and within every experience felt between each brush stroke. Her artistic discoveries have come to light through profound visions, which have ultimately led to her kaleidoscopic visualizations of colorations. Hailing from Austin, TX, but raised in Alamo, TX, she eventually returned to her […]

Featured Artist: January ~ Omar Chow

Omar Chow is a multi-dimensional visual artist who was born and raised in the Lone Star State of Texas, and is currently living in Austin, TX.  Immersing himself in the creative art and music scene, he is devoted to the arts in many styles, but focuses his attention on acrylic paint as his prime medium. His imaginative style of avant-garde geometric and organic “future-spacescapes” are unquestionably groundbreaking as they reveal intentions from a penetrating perspective of […]

Featured Artist ~ Noemind | Launch of the Street Ritual Visual Arts Division

Street Ritual is very excited to announce the launch of our visual arts division this month. We’re kicking it off with a free downloadable desktop from one of our personal favorite digital artists Noemind, which means a mind not occupied by thought or emotion and thus open to everything. The surreal / healing / shamanic / visionary art of Noemind has been featured in the Temple of Visions (Los Angeles, […]