Featured Jewelry Artist: Taylove ~ March

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Featured Jewelry Artist: Taylove ~ March

Taylor’s Bio: Taylor Smith is a jeweler based out of Oakland, CA. Her designs have made their mark in an emerging industry through their fully-custom nature, never to be repeated in a second piece. Unique takes on patterns, gem placement, metalwork, and overall presentation set Taylor apart from other artists, and her growing reputation as a cornerstone of her craft has garnered attention up and down the West Coast.

Geometric shapes and angles are a signature of Taylor’s work and serve as major inspirations in all of her designs. By merging sharp edges with beautiful gems and perfectly-placed accents, Taylor is able to present a completely fresh take on modern ornamentation. To view her art, please visit her website at www.taylovedesign.com or see her in action through her Instagram page, @taylovesmith.

(pendant) – Paraiba Tourmaline Cabochon, Citrine, Diamond, Amethyst x2, Red Garnet x2, Black Spinel x2, sterling silver


(double finger rings) – All are sterling silver, 18k gold. Starting from the top ring: Green Tourmaline/Black Spinels. 2nd: London Blue Topaz/Black Spinels 3rd: Red Garnet/Black Spinels 4th: Red Garnet/Blue Sapphires 5th: Black Spinel/Blue Sapphires – Photo by Brittni Zacher


(double finger ring) – Aquamarine, black & white diamonds, 18k gold, sterling silver – Photo by Brittni Zacher


(pendant) – Amethyst, Green Tourmaline, Red Garnet x2, Black Spinel x2, sterling silver


(single rings) – Citrine, Amethyst, London Blue Topaz, Red Garnet, Rhodalite, Blue Sapphire, Sterling Silver


(pendant) – Amethyst, Blue Sapphire x2, Garnet x2, Black Spinel x4, Sterling Silver


(3 pendants) – Amethyst/Black Spinels, Green Tourmaline/Black Spinel, Red Garnet/Black Diamonds, sterling silver


(crescent ring) – Green Tourmaline, Black Diamond x3, Sterling Silver


(3 pendants) – Blue Sapphire, Green Tourmaline, Blue Sapphire, sterling silver


(Red Cross inspired pendant) – Goshenite, Red Garnet x4, Black Spinel x4, sterling silver


(eye double finger ring) – Blue Sapphire, Topaz x2, Amethyst x2, Black Diamond x2, sterling silver


(heart ring) – Emerald, Black Spinel, sterling silver


(single ring) – Green Tourmaline, Black Spinel x2, sterling silver


(Tiger Fresh modeling double finger ring) – Photo by Brittni Zacher


(Brook Fung modeling double finger rings)  Photo by Brittni Zacher


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