Trevor Kelly – One Fowty Fo’ ~ Out Today!

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Trevor Kelly – One Fowty Fo’ ~ Out Today!

If you are tired of artist that stick to the same writing formula for every song, then Trevor Kelly’s One Fowty Fo’ might be just for you. The album opens up appropriately with “Lucidology”, a track full smooth pads and rising basslines sure to get anybody moving on the dance floor. “Sound Bwoy’s” bassline will restore your faith in the stigmatized dubstep, while “SteeeZy Does It” relies on its 808s and hyphy synths to drive the song. With 8 tracks on the album its hard to know what genre or lead instruments he will use next. One thing’s for sure though, Trevor Kelly will keep that dance floor moving.

Trevor Kelly’s One Fowty Fo’ EP takes a multi-directional spin on EDM, accessing its very own passage to future bass through an original unique multi-genre soundscape. Teasing the barriers between genres, from glitch-hop, dubstep, hip-hop, juke, to trap, One Fowty Fo’ takes us on a bass-driven journey through various dimensions of sound, seamlessly weaving together dreamscape melodies, heavy gritty sounds, laser bass, 808 booty bass, old school hip hop percs, and classy jazz fills. Welcoming the Future, Through Trevor Kelly’s intentional blending of frequencies, styles, and Collaborations, he provokes us to challenge and embrace self-imposed paradoxes, reminding us that no two sounds, or styles are ever opposing.

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